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Teens helping Kingscreek residents


Greetings from Kingscreek Center.

We are really enjoying the summer here at the center, making lots of plans for the coming months. At the same time, we are enjoying each day as it comes.

Tuesday was our pot- luck. As usual we had lots of good food and fellowship. My granddaughter Ashley Dollarhyde was visiting for a couple days and she went with me. She’s all grown up and working so she doesn’t get to come see me as often as we would like. My daughter Bunny Dollarhyde and her boyfriend Josh Cornett stopped by to see Ashley and to visit with the ladies.

Wednesday was quilting and talking. Several of our ladies go to the church on Kingscreek. They are having Vacation Bible School and it was fun to listen to the stories of the kids.

I would like to take this time to thank the Kingscreek Community Church for being a real community asset. They postponed Bible School for funerals, a very thoughtful and loving thing to do.

Thursday we had the nutrition people come in to give us some more pointers on healthy eating and new exercises we could do.

We finished out a quilt and put another up.

I was invited to go to the last day of Bible School. Boy, do those kids know how to have fun. With the pastor a big kid too, it was fun. All of them got wet, which was good since it was so hot.

Faye Herron’s grandson Patrick told me he didn’t like water. I asked him how he took a bath. He said he got dry-cleaned. Not bad for a small child and he is so cute.

As you have noticed by now, we met three days this week. We are going to try this to give people more chances to come in.

Our neighborhood is getting a few facelifts. Youth groups from all over the country are coming for a week at a time fixing roofs, painting and doing other jobs some of our people aren’t able to do themselves. With all the bad news about our youth, a big hurray for these unselfish teens. They really seem to enjoy the work and the people.

With this heat, please check on a neighbor or friend to make sure they are okay. Wouldn’t take long for a person to dehydrate outside. It takes only a few minutes but could save a life.

Be good until next time and hug a kid. They will love it and so will you.

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