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Tell Mom: ‘I made it !’



For Mother’s Day on May 14, nothing is more original or more cherished than a chilwd-made gift. These two crafts are easy for a child to assemble with the help of dad, a caregiver or a teacher.

The paper basket is a stylish container a preschooler will have fun crafting and filling with a minibouquet of flowers, chocolate or a small present. School-age kids can show off their artistic talents when they paint a windowsill flowerpot and plant a hardy succulent or Mom’s favorite herbs. Here’s how:

(Preschooler craft)
What you’ll need:
• Round plate with even
edges, approximately 7
inches in diameter (for a
• Two sheets of 8.5-by-
11-inch heavy construction
paper in contrasting colors
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Stapler
• Stickers or lightweight
• Small bouquet of fresh
or silk flowers or small gifts
1. An adult should help
the child put the plate on a
piece of construction paper
and draw a circle around it.
Cut out the circle. Repeat
with the second sheet.
2. Fold both circles in
half. Slide rounded edges

together. Without folding,
slide the bottom creases
together to form the shape
of a heart. Staple circles
together to make a heartshaped basket.
3. To make a handle, cut
an 11-inch long strip of paper that’s 1 inch wide, and
staple to basket.
4. Decorate with stickers
or objects such as a paper
butterfly, and arrange flowers or gifts inside.

(Schoolage craft)
• One 4-inch clay pot and
• Newspaper
• Acrylic paints
• Paper plates
• Paintbrush
• Potting soil and a succulent

or herb plant

1. Place the pot and the
saucer on a newspaper-covered work surface. Squeeze
paint onto the plates.
2. Paint over the entire
outside surface of the pot
and saucer. Let dry. (For a
natural look for the background, skip this step.)
3. Use a variety of contrasting colors to make designs around the plain or
painted pot. Experiment
with a splashy design of
swirls, zigzags, stripes, dots
and spots. (Dip an eraser of
an old pencil in the paint to
dab on spots). Let dry.
4. Fill with potting soil
and plant a succulent or
5. Add a card for Mom.

©2017 Donna Erickson

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