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Forty some years ago your ex- husband picked you up off the street when you were pregnant. He took you in, gave you a home, married you and raised your little girl as if she was his own. But as the years went by when you got older you thought you were too good to rely on his shoulder.

. When Jesus Christ was on earth He definitely did not belong to any secret cliques and He definitely didn’t let people tell Him who He could talk to and who He couldn’t. These people who do that on judgment day are going to find out that they are nothing but men pleasers. And they are going to come up short.

. Politicians skillfully avoid the issue when they don’t have an answer. I give all my extra cash when I buy gas. Unless people get pay raises, how are they supposed to spend money? We don’t borrow any money, we don’t have any money, and we don’t spend any money. People refuse to go into debt when they have no way of paying the debt back.

. To whoever put the comment in Speak Your Piece about Whitco: There are only four children who come across that bridge and there is no one there to hurt those children. And another thing, if they would catch those people who are traveling to Florida and Georgia and dragging those drugs back in here there wouldn’t be too many drugs in Whitco. The wife goes one time and then the husband goes the next time. I would appreciate if the cops would catch the people who are going out of state to get strong drugs and bring them to Letcher County.

. If you look up in the sky and see a big white cloud it’s my angel and I am on her wings flying away. You are my angel and I love you.

. Well, it is Nov. 1 and I am sitting in a parking lot at Isom watching pill deals go down. It is pitiful down here. The cops need to start circling this place and checking out people who are sitting in parked vehicles trading pills. This is pitiful.

. Well Shorty, it’s 3 a.m. and all I can think about is you and us. You’re the most important thing in my life, and I am not the least bit sad about that. I think about you all the time, and it’s a comfort to me. You truly are the candle in all the darkness that surrounds me during these hours, even the lamps are dim compared to you and your love for me. I can only say to you that one

day we will light the way together. It will happen.

. I have a problem. I have contacted the local sheriff ’s department as well as the Whitesburg Police Department and also animal control for this area, and still I can’t get anything done. There are way too many large dogs roaming free up in Doty Creek. One boxer runs free right by the old Doty Creek Church and farther up Doty Creek Road is a pack of dogs that run free. When my family and I walk up and down Doty Creek Road we are harassed by these dogs, but all I get is a ‘we will look into it’ by the authorities. If the sheriff ’s office or animal control won’t do anything about it, I don’t know where else to turn. I hope contacting you will get me some answers. Thank you very much. Hope you can get something done as I cannot.

. You made a mistake coming from Cromona to McRoberts to sell your drugs. You should have been smart and stayed home.

. I thought this may interest some county residents. I was out with my wife recently riding around. She wanted to check out some fall colors. We were in the Colson area and she asked me if I used to work around there. I told here I did and she asked me where. I told her I worked in Buck Creek for Sapphire Coal, so she wanted to see where I had worked. So we started up Buck Creek, and to our surprise it had been freshly blacktopped. As she was looking at the trees and colors I kept driving to the head of the hollow. When I got there I was the one that got surprised. The county had blacktopped right on past the county road onto what apparently is private property. My wife asked me how I knew this and I told her the one section of property was the same one whose owner had previously stopped us from crossing property he claimed was private to get to the county road. So now I am thinking about asking the county to blacktop my driveway. You don’t have to take my word for this. Just take a drive up Buck Creek and see for yourself.

. To the witch that made the comment that a woman should be ashamed to have her name on Facebook: Why don’t you send this woman a message? Oh, I forgot that you are too big of a coward.

. To the person addressing the certain person about threatening you with that certain woman: You claim

you have a fire-breathing Scooby-Doo that takes care of matters. So here is the gist of the matter. No one is threatening you, but we are stating the truth and that much you can count on. And as far as your Scooby- Doo goes, you won’t be needing him, or at least not for me you won’t because the issue concerning you has already been taken care of by cunning manipulation. We are rid of you and your stupid presence around us and our home. And the good and funny part about that is you are the one that set the rule for it. And that is exactly what we were wanting you to do. I won’t be coming around. I have no reason to.

. This is to the woman who slept with her dying husband’s brother while he was in the same house: You have no right to throw stones at someone else when you live in a glass house yourself. Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror and realize what you have done to yourself? Why do you want to make everyone else’s life miserable? Stay happy. Smile. If you don’t change your ways you will die a miserable death and I hope you get this message. You will know who you are.

. I just saw in The Mountain Eagle where the Jenkins school officials were cleared in the abuse case. I think that is just terrible. To me that just shows that our school system is not right and that anti-bullying laws are not enforced. If that is not bullying, then nothing is. The teachers that knew about that should be fired. Wonder what God thinks about their inactions? If that was my kid that had been abused and one of the teachers failed to report that, there is no telling what I would do. I hope that doesn’t happen to any child. How could that judge find those officials innocent?

. To a certain fast-food restaurant: Look out. You hired the girl who helped rob Paradise Pizza. She came out of it slick as a ribbon. You better take a close check on her because she will sure set you up. She split the money with her buddy. She’ll hit you up, too.

. To certain people on Shea’s Fork: I think it is a shame that people can’t get a good night’s sleep because of your stupid dog. There is no problem with a dog who barks when it has a reason to bark, but your dog barks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is getting very obnoxious. You are either too stupid, too ignorant or just don’t care to have control over your dog. I haven’t heard anyone say anything to the dog. He just sits there and barks literally all night long enough to drive people crazy. Please shut your dog up or get rid of it.

. To the person who keeps saying certain people shouldn’t be going to church and then behaving in certain ways: Keep your religion to yourself and don’t worry about what other people do. If you read your Bible enough you would know being a gossip and a talebearer is also wrong. And a lot of people have a lot of surprises coming after this life. If you think you have it all figured out,

you are smarter than all of us. So just keep your opinion to yourself. Go to church if you want and just stay the hell out of other people’s business.

. I just wanted to let all of the stores in the Whitesburg area and the surrounding counties know that there is a woman who lives in Sergent who is robbing stores blind. Her and her daughter are nothing but trash and are robbing these stores. She drives a green vehicle. I just thought you would want to look for her.

. To a certain person: I know you don’t know who this is. Nobody does. I just have to say that you are still on my mind and still in my heart. Even though we have been broken up for several months, I can’t go on with my life. I miss you so bad it hurts. I want you back so bad that I just can’t stand it. I know you will never be mine again. I love you. I need you.

. If anybody out there has anything for sale, to buy, to trade or give away, call Jingles at 633-8114.

. What in the world is Obama doing in Paris? He has no business over there. If you want to have a black man in the White House let’s put a real black man in the White House — Herman Cain.

. I agree with the the comment about Terry Braddock needing to be mayor of Jenkins. If not mayor, Terry should have more of a say because people in Jenkins have too many people who think they are the mayor. They know who they are.

. I just want to let the police know that the drug dealer from Perry County who keeps going to Blair Branch has a thing for silver vehicles. She is always driving a silver vehicle. That is what she will be in.

. Can anyone tell me why Obama is called the first black president? He is not black. He is mulatto. That means there is cream in the coffee. So please quit saying he is the first black president.

. If they are paving the sidewalks at Neon, do you think we could maybe have the road fixed that goes up the side of School Hill near the WIFX building? I was just wondering.

. When I was shopping at the Isom Super Dollar Store recenlty, I really felt sorry for the cashier. She had made some kind of mistake, I don’t know what kind, and she kept trying to tell the other person there what she had done, but the other person just told her to shut up. The cashier was in bad shape, her face was blood red. I was afraid she was going to have a stroke, but she kept on checking customers out. The other person was outside. I will not shop at that store again, and am going to tell all my family and friends not to shop there either, because the cashier was not treated fairly.

. Very sorry to hear about Phyllis Sturgill passing away. I didn’t know it in time to attend the funeral. She was a good friend and will be sadly missed. Sherrill and Dennis, if you have an obituary left, please save me one, would you? I’d appreciate it very much. Please print this? Your friend, Stanley Pack. Thank you.

. Hi Letcher County. Have you been out today to get your Mountain Eagle? Good for you! I say this is the bottom line for a better you from Humana, Outlook Magazine and Speak Your Piece. Enjoy life. Do what you love and enjoy, what life has to offer. Learn to turn off stress. Get those letters to the Office of the Attorney General, Capitol Suite 118, 700 Capitol Ave., Frankfort, KY 40601-3449. Fax: 502-564-2894. Laugh and feel better. A sense of purpose. Keep it in mind. I challenge you all for a better tomorrow. The drugs are hell, so let’s give them hell with the Attorney General. You can do it. All you have to do is cultivate your faith and spiritual life. Philippians Chapter 4 v. 13:19. I

can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory, by Christ Jesus. All it takes is Matthew, Chapter 17 v. 20. If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed. You hypocrite, you thief, come to steal and kill and to destroy. God has come that you might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. John Chapter 10 v. 10, John Chapter 14 v. 13:14. If ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it. John Chapter 13 v. 34, That ye love one another as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. John 3:16. Mr. Willie Lamb of McRoberts will make a house call. All you have to do is call him. He will come and pray with you and the sick. Acts Chapter 19 v. 11- 12. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer, you can overcome the world with God. For the love of your lungs and you, quit smoking. Cigarette smoke contains ammonia, toilet cleaner, arsenic, poison, methane, sewer gas, methanol, rocket fuel, formaldehyde, embalming fluid, acetone, nail polish remover, butane (lighter fluid). An uncovered cough is one of the most common ways to spread respiratory infections. Smoking irritates and damages the lungs and airways. Keeping stress levels low can boost your immune system and help your body fight off many illnesses from cancer to lung disease. The rewards are plentiful. Spend time with friends and family, reading

your Bible, exercising, mentally stimulating your mind. The highways of the brain get gummed up. Drink water. Arthritis Foundation (1-800-283-7800), call, stop the hurts. Be happy, be healthy. All it takes is your Bible and exercise. Walk to pick up your Mountain Eagle. Eat right, stay active. Find activities that motivate you. Exercise helps your body make up for common age-related changes. It actually helps the brain grow new nerve connections. Overweight ages you. Work your body, strengthen your brain. See you later. I am going to walk to get my Mountain Eagle. Don’t use the phone. Letters, lots of letters. God love you and yours. P.S. I forgot: Hearing music can trigger a burst of the ‘feel good’ chemical. I say WTCW AM-FM, that’s the way to go. Think about it. Insight to help our brain. I’m going to be a D.J. Love you all. God loves you too. Please, please, please put in Speak Your Piece.

. To whom it concerns that makes all the smart remarks about the drug dealing that is supposed to go on across the bridge in Whitco: Well, you’re wrong. Although people do like to visit there, they are there to check on their sick Mammaw and Papa to take care of them and make sure they have what they need. People do like to come and visit the family whether you do or not. Since you have all this time to gossip, look in the mirror because you will be judged too. So take a good look. God bless your soul.

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