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Tell young ones about your family history

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Merry Christmas, everyone! Soon Santa will be here although Santa is going to by pass my house this year! It’s not that I have been a bad person, just Santa is too broke to get gifts and doesn’t want any.

All I really want is for my family to get their lives together and have good health, I also wish there was some way that humans would quit mistreating the little ones that God has trusted and put in our care to protect.

My son, Keith Ballard, stopped by to see us. I offered Keith $20 if he would just watch little Bennie for one hour so I could go in the bedroom for some peace and quiet away from Bob The Builder! Bennie has decided to demolish my Christmas tree, I do believe, as he is taking my bows off and trying to break my pretty snowflakes that I have scattered throughout. ]

Alberta Bailey called me. While I was talking to her on the phone, Bennie decided to try a stunt. He put his miniature Big Wheel, which is the size of a tricycle, just lower to the floor, on the coffee table and climbed upon it to ride it. I believe he belongs to Evil Knevil! Lord it is almost like I have my son Keith little all over again, as Keith knew no fear of danger when he was little.

I received a phone call from Willa Mae Boggs, which I enjoyed very much. Talking with Willa Mae is like talking to your best friend. Willa Mae never fails to tell me how much she enjoys my column and hearing about little Bennie. I am about ready to put Bennie in a box and send him to my brother Richie and Wanda Hall as a Christmas present!

I owe Sadie Ison Hayes an apology. Sadie never fails to send me cards for all occasions; she will never know how much I appreciate these. It seems I have all the good intentions of the world and never get cards sent.

I received some information from Doyle and Merlene Day regarding my great-grandmother, Nance “Ma” Coots. It turns out Ma Coots was an Ison, it is amazing after all the years it is possible to find out things. All who are reading my column, if you are older please talk to your children, grandchildren and great children of your family history. If you are young and can read this column, ask questions and write down the details, then when you are interested you will have the information.

Shirley Wells is very interested in finding out things about her grandparents. We may just find out that we are distantly related.

Shirley had a pleasant surprise as her daughter, Dotty, along with Shirley’s son, Buddy, and several family members went to see the Christmas lights at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville Tenn. Dotty borrowed her friend’s van so they would all have plenty of room. I don’t think anyone was prepared to sit in traffic for two hours.

Shirley takes her family and grandchildren each year to walk along the Cumberland River at Clarksville. This is beautiful, as I have seen it on the computer.

Gwen Huff Farmer sends merry Christmas to all her family throughout the mountains. She says her friend, Bonnie Ingram’s, parents used to live close to Richie and Wanda on Ingrams Creek.

I have been thinking about letting Keith have my house and seeing if I could move in Richie and Wanda’s little camper. It shouldn’t take too much to heat it.

Lesa Turner, Genita Calihan’s daughter, has been busy baking fruitcakes. She sent one to her Uncle Johnny and Aunt Ann Calihan, and enclosed one for me. Thanks, Lesa, for being so thoughtful.

All the children send merry Christmas wishes to their mom Genita and family.

Thanks, everyone, for the beautiful Christmas cards. I hope to get mine mailed out before New Year’s.

Alberta Bailey told me that her sister-in-law, Leona, had died. I slightly remember Leona and her husband, Ed, when I was young there at Hot Spot.

I was reading about a story of the holly tree. Oh the pleasant memories it started cascading once again through my mind.

When I was about eight years old we lived at Vernon Hogg’s place between Roxana and Hot Spot. The little white house still sits snuggled in the edge of the woods, almost hidden.

As you went up the lane to Vernon’s house, there were two huge holly trees. I thought they were the most beautiful trees I had ever seen. They could be painful too, if you stuck yourself on the holly leaves.

When we used to go to Livingston, Clifton Bond had two holly trees in his yard. I would break a couple of twigs and bring them back home. It always seems more like Christmas to me if there’s holly in the house.

I had a good conversation with another misplaced Kentuckian, Bill Shepherd, who was born and raised in the Paices Branch, Kingscreek area. Bill is the grandson of Dishman Hogg; his other grandfather, Bill Shepherd, and grandmother, Miltilda Shepherd, lived on Mill Branch. Bill knew Crant and Geneva Gentry who used to live in Kettering, Ohio. Geneva now calls Lexington home.

Bill remembers Lee Gentry although he hasn’t seen Lee since he was a young boy at Roxana. He sends a big howdy to Lee and Geneva. He also remembers all the Calihan clan, and Vivian and Hayward Day. He knew Ann Calihan and Bill Ison’s mother, Virgie, also.

Bill told me he used to love to go get ice cream at Burkes Store at Roxana.

Bill and his wife lives in Kettering, Ohio. It seems that Bill has lots of relatives including Hoggs and Mitchells. Bill comes from a large family; there were seven brothers including Bill who served in the military.

I called Ann Calihan and told her that I had been corresponding with Bill. Bill is planning on writing a book about his life and I hope I get to read it.

I really enjoy Clarence Halcomb’s writings. Merry Christmas, Clarence and Arlyn.

My brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall took a ride in the Whitesburg fire truck. This really pleased them both very much.

Happy birthday to my brother, Wallace Lee Hall, Dec. 20. Wallace Lee and his wife, Georgia, are both at Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Richie and Wanda are anxiously waiting for old Santa. Since they both have been sort of good, maybe old Santa might stop by to see them and Derrick.

Merry Christmas, Eula Ison and all your family.

Well, it is getting time for me to out run that old clock, so until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513-367-4682.

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