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Temperatures topping 100 in North Carolina

North Carolina

Are we having a storm here in Bolivia and Oak Island, N.C.? Yes, we are!

We are thankful for the much needed rain and cooler days. The heat ranges in the high 90s and more – 90 to 105 degrees – but as they say on “Little House”, there’s some good with the bad. As for gardens, burned up in most places. I went to Sanford with Angelia Clemons and the fields were all brown.

It looks as though people will be buying from the Farmer’s Market again this year.

Pete and the other fathers in church had a nice Father’s Day with gifts from church and families.

Speaking of neighbors, my brother, Earl, has a nice neighbor next door. Mr. Brown helps my brother a lot. Good neighbors are a treasure to have.

I got my Mountain Eagle today and read it first thing. I really enjoy reading Jewell Maggard’s news in the Eolia column. Now that is one lady who thanks Jesus for all things as we all should. A big hello to Jewell. The Mountain Eagle has so many people mentioned, some I recall such as Reese and Gloria Maggard. We would love to have you visit here again. I am still at the same place. Lori sure has a beautiful baby. Yes, I remember little Lori. Hello to all of you and many blessings.

Hi to Kathleen Hammons. Guess you remember me. I often think of Olivia, Tommy, Dedirea, and Abbie Cook, wondering if the new baby in the Eolia column is Abbie’s. You could write, Olivia.

Of course I keep up with Joyce and Charlie Whitaker there in Blackey. Hello to you.

I’m wondering if Wanda Kilbourn in Indiana reads The Mountain Eagle. If so, respond.

Hello to you, Rose Ballard Durham. Hope you are enjoying this warm weather. Emma Lou Engle, I remember the open windows. No breeze like that anymore. We live in Bug Town, U.S.A. Instead of open windows we have air conditioning and high electric bills. I have friends that refuse to have air conditioning, never had it and don’t want it. And last but not forgotten, Oma Hatton. I keep up with you and Annabell. Best wishes from me to you.

As people of the week I choose Sister and Brother Johnston, Apostolic Church, Sanford, N.C., and the Men’s Ministry at the Trinity Tabernacle Church in Winnabow, N.C.

Hi to my brother, Vernon Maggard, and Connie in Partridge.

Speaking of storms, “In the hollow of His hand/He will hide me/When the storms of life sweep by.” – Florence Jones Hadley.

For you cooks, Scripture Cake by Sister Pam Braun:

1 cup Psalms 55:21; 1 cup Numbers 17:8; 2 1/2 cups Jeremiah 6:30; 1 tps. I Corinthians 5:6; 1 pinch Leviticus 2:13; 6 Isaiah 10:14; 1 cup Genesis 24: i & 7; 2 cups I Samuel 30:12; 1 tsp. I Samuel 14:25; 3 1/4 cups I Kings 4:25; 3 1/4 cups I Kings 4:22. Season to taste with I Kings 10:10.

Hope you enjoy searching for ingredients.

Smile, God loves you and so does your family.

Gladys and Pete and critters.

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