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Tennessee gives out travel bags to visitors


This soaring eagle was photographed by Carla Smith.

This soaring eagle was photographed by Carla Smith.

Hello everyone — I hope you are staying warm with the cold weather. My daughter-in-law Heather is doing her clinicals for med school in New York City and she’s dealing with a lot of snow. She wasn’t allowed to go home on Monday due to city closure. She was going to try and sleep in the lounge and she was hoping the cafeteria was open.

Mike and I took a trip to Daytona Beach, Fla., for a few days. We were gone a week. CAT went with us and he’s a great traveler. CAT has now been in seven states (Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida). CAT enjoyed being in hotels and the condo. He liked sitting in the window and watching seagulls.

Tennessee gave out travel bags at their rest area. These bags had hand sanitizer, a mask, a map, a postcard, and a trash bag. I love my mask. We stopped at the other state rest areas and no other state was giving out travel bags.

The Florida weather did cool down but it was so nice being on the ocean. We did get some sun and not burnt. I am glad we did this trip.

I did notice that not as many people in Florida were wearing masks. It was required to wear in restaurants and that was followed most of the time. We wore our masks all the time even when we were the only ones on the elevator or on the beach.

CAT does seem to enjoy being back home. I was checking my emails when I noticed the cat was gone. Mike had gone over to my brother’s. I looked upstairs and the cat was sitting on the elk head. I got him off. Later, I looked above my head and the cat was on the elk head again. This time the elk head was shaking. Suddenly I had a fear of the elk head falling off the wall. I called my brother and he put me on speaker phone. I asked Mike “How secure is the elk head?” He had no idea what I was talking about. I got the cat off the elk head again and carried him downstairs. I think CAT was concerned about his own safety due to the elk head shaking. Life is exciting with a pet.

I know I talk about CAT a lot but he’s our entertainment. He did go to the vet this week. I don’t think the receptionist liked his name. I told her it was all caps but she just wrote Cat on his chart. CAT responds to his name so I think we’re okay. CAT did get a shot and he slept all day and night. He slept on our bed all night and didn’t move. He didn’t want to play Claws and Teeth, which was good. The vet gave him a birthdate of March 12. We knew he wasn’t quite a year old when he showed up. The vet said he was healthy which made me feel good.

My brother, John Campbell, woke up to a bathroom leak on Sunday morning. The leak came from plumbing he and Mike had done for Mom over 25 years ago. John was able to get the leak stopped and now needs to redo the bathroom floor.

I was volunteered to be on a committee to help find classmates for my upcoming 50th class reunion. It will be held October 22, 2022. I’ve found three people on my list and I have five to find. I guess I’ll go to the class reunion.

Carla Smith took a lovely picture of an eagle. She is a good photographer.

This week’s quote is attributed to Elizabeth Camden. “It seems like everything sleeps in winter, but it’s really a time of renewal and reflection.”

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Have a good week and stay healthy. Keep wearing a mask.

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