Whitesburg KY

Tessie Johnson is home again


If anyone wants to make donations for the upkeep of the two cemeteries behind the Dixon Memorial Church at Letcher, please send them to Earl Combs, 1365 Carcassonne, KY 41804.

Tessie Johnson of Carbon, is back home from Letcher Manor Nursing Home. She was just not doing well there so the family brought her home. I wish her the best.

A belated belated birthday to Bruce Gilley of Letcher, who celebrated a birthday on April 1, and happy birthday to his brother, Zolie, of Doty Creek on April 18.

Sylvania Whitaker is home from a Lexington hospital. She was tired from her trip home but doing better.

Hester Back of Blackey, had to be taken to the Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital emergency room. Her husband, Ronnie, said she passed out and he couldn’t wake her. She is now home and doing better.

Virgil Combs of Carcassonne, is doing some better. His wife, Freda, said he was able to get around some with a walker. He has been sick for some time now and he had a rough time. I wish him the best.

Happy birthday to Dena Couch of Linefork, on April 17, and her daughter Nadean Hays of Elk Creek had one on April 7. Dena’s other daughter, Tara, has been in WARH with an infection.

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