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Mostly sunny

Thank You

We would like to thank the people of our community who take care of the Hurricane Gap Park where the school used to sit. The communities of Gordon and Gilley worked really well together on the reunion getting in touch with former students. We are so thankful how it pulls us all together. The stories from our past bring back such wonderful memories. Several large and small families came together in support of the reunion. The Backs, Shepherds, Sparkmans, Cornetts, and a special thanks to Whitaker Bank for donating the property where the school once stood. Several members of the Hurricane Gap Baptist Church (100 years old) also helped so much. Faye Parsons and Roxie Sumpter attended. They both taught there for so many years. Also a special thanks to Glenn and Labraida Sparkmon, John Dixon, Donnie Dixon, and Odell Long for taking such good care of our park. The food at the reunion was wonderful with all the special homemade dishes, cakes, and pies. The stories of building the fire early in morning before school started, and squirrel bites, so many to name. The Hurricane Gap Baptist Church, the Gordon Fire Dept. and our citizens are working so well together for our community. We are so proud, God has blessed us.

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