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Thank you and please deliver again

Dear Santa:

It’s been over 60 years since I last sent you a letter.

Now, it’s past time to thank you for what you have given me over these many years. My mother and father were married in the middle of the Depression. My father worked in a coal mine in eastern Kentucky and was paid in scrip (a company issue currency) — $3 per day. We survived.

Later, he went off to World War II and served in the Navy. We didn’t have much and had to have government ration stamps to buy food and clothes. It was at this time when my second-grade teacher asked us to write a letter to Santa.

I wrote you my only letter and asked you for just one thing: Please bring my daddy home safely.

Well, Santa, you did and he and Mom raised seven children and got them all educated. They lived a full life and got to enjoy their grandchildren.

Then, you gave me a wonderful wife and we in turn have children and grandchildren. Like our parents, we have seen hard times and again we survived.

Today, we are approaching another difficult time in our history. Our economy is suffering and we see many of our friends and fellow countrymen needing help.

Like in times past, it’s time we roll up our sleeves and start making things happen. Americans are not lazy and just need a helping hand to get started.

My new letter this time is similar:

Dear Santa: Please help my country and the wonderful people living here. We have been blessed with a heritage from our ancestors who gave us the most freedom and privileges that have ever happened in this world. We have men and women now on duty guarding them.

My request is simple; just give us the strength and fortitude to realize what a wonderful country we have and to be able to find a way to overcome any adversity. We can survive and be a stronger people and a stronger nation.

Thank you, Santa, and merry Christmas.

BILL JONES Naples, Fla. (Formerly of Whitesburg)

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