Whitesburg KY

Thanks are planned for Wings crew

It doesn’t seem possible, but it has been 10 years since we worked to get the medical helicopter to move into Letcher County.

First Lifenet came, which later moved to Hazard Airport.

Then we were blessed to build the helipad and hanger at the Jenkins Industrial Park at Jenkins. Wings medical helicopter crew moved in here, and I thank God they stayed.

There isn’t a day goes by that they don’t make multiple runs. They work every day in and around our community, saving lives. I would have no idea how many lives have been saved by this group of people in the last 10 years, but we sure would not want to be without their services here in the mountains.

I had such a wonderful experience with some really good people to bring this medical helicopter service into Letcher County.

When we started working on this project I could not believe it would turn into something this big, but I’m so glad it has.

We had people who worked hard on this project, but the people whom I wish to thank are those who signed our petitions. We had people all over eastern Kentucky who signed our petition who saw a need for this service.

We had people who had moved away from the mountains that clipped our petition out of The Mountain Eagle, signed it, and sent it to me.

We had 19,963 names on our petition, so these are the real heroes in this story. Without them I doubt if we would have this service today.

I had the best committee anyone could hope for, Vice Chairman Randall Caudill, magistrate at the time Trey Narramore, Jim Ward, now judge/executive, Sheriff Danny Webb, David ‘Buzz’ Adams; advisors Dean and Nina Cornett and Ray Adams and Miriam Fields for all the work she did, and ex-judge Carroll Smith and Howard Cornett, who helped us get the money for the heliport, and The Mountain Eagle, and I thank all the people who had kind words.

Now is the time to let Wings medical helicopter crew know how much we appreciate all they have done for our community, and all the lives they have saved.

We have an open house program planned at the helicopter hanger at the Industrial Park at Jenkins scheduled for Saturday, June 8, at 2 p.m. with refreshments.

If there is anyone out there — and I am sure that there is — whom Wings Helicopter has helped, or you have a loved one who has had a life-saving fly out, I would like to hear from you, and let them know we thank them.

Contact me at (606) 632- 3777 or (606) 634-2530.

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