Whitesburg KY

Thanks Jenkins for honor

To the Editor:

As this summer began, the town of Jenkins honored the Blankenship brothers with a plaque for their military service.

We want to thank the town of Jenkins for this honor with special thanks to Wayne Fleming and Mary

Ann Mullins, who started all
this. Also Judge Jim Ward,
Mayor Todd Depriest, Rep.
Leslie Combs, Jim Stephens
from the police department,
and City Administrator Bennie McCall for taking the
time out of their day to be
there, and Burdine Freewill
Baptist Church for opening
their church for our use.

Jenkins will always hold a warm and special place in our hearts. Not only the adults, but the children, grandchildren, even our greats got to see where the brothers were raised. WILLARD BLANKENSHIP AND FAMILY South Carolina

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