Whitesburg KY

Thanks to the highway department for cutting trees

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Such a nice weekend. Hoping all enjoyed the nice weather. I am sure winter is not over yet. Need to enjoy the warm weather for as long as we can. Unusual temperatures for January. Not complaining.

Thanks to the highway department for cutting trees beside the highway on 931S. Looks really nice. You can actually see around the curves before getting to them. Much appreciated.

Anna Lou Maggard Combs died one year ago on Jan. 16. She is truly missed by all who knew her.

Jesslyn Robinson will be one year old on Jan. 18. This precious baby has had a rough first year. Pray that she will have a good year. Happy birthday, Sweetie. She is the daughter of Jessica Dobson Robinson, granddaughter of Billy Joe Dobson and greatgranddaughter of Audrey and Charles Hammonds of North Vernon, Ind., and the late Gene Ray Dobson.

Marty Allen Fields would have been 39 on Jan. 19. “Gone from our homes, but not from our hearts.” We all miss him.

Mary Lou Turner would have been 76 on Jan. 13. She is missed by all who knew her.

Tonya Fields will be 18 on Jan. 21. She is the beautiful daughter of Wayne and Missy Fields. Happy birthday.

My brother Archie Fields is still in physical therapy. He seems to be getting stronger. We all want to see him get the strength back in his leg. This stroke was just another hump in the road. Keep him in prayer.

Agnes Maggard still needs our prayers. She is still having some medical issues. Also, Audrey and Charles Hammonds need our prayers. Audrey was really in bad health when she was down here.

Hazel Rayburn had another bad spell. Keep her in prayer.

Irene Day seems to be doing better than she was for awhile. Still having problems with her legs. I visited with her for a couple hours. A very enjoyable visit.

Keep someone you love in prayer this week. Pray for all your neighbors, those in nursing homes and hospitals. Let’s show some of that Christian love. Call someone and tell them you are thinking about them.

If someone has wronged you, forgive them and if you have wronged someone, ask them to forgive you because life is too short to hold onto grudges. The two hardest words to say are I forgive!

Some people will go to their graves before they will say I am sorry. Makes you wonder what side they will end up on. So if we are truly Christians, we will try to forgive and forget.

Well, love you all. Hope I have not offended any of you. If so, I am truly sorry. I know I haven’t been letting my light shine as of late so keep me in prayer that my faith will be restored. I met man/woman tear me apart so easily and only God can put me back together again. I have trust issues with some preachers and churches, but it will all work out.

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