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Mostly sunny

Thanksgiving brings many visitors from out-of-state


Linda Lucas had Thanksgiving dinner at her home on Cowan last Thursday. Those spending the day were Beth and Keith Callahan, Katie and Kenzie of North Carolina; Jonathon and Melinda Lucas, Aiden and Mason of Kingsport, Tenn.; Peggy and Greg Lily of Somerset, Tenn.; Carrum and Flossie Callahan of Harlan; and Carol and J. T. Caudill of Cumberland. Visiting after lunch were Rusty and Tori Akers, Callie and Ella of Talbot, Tenn.

Mason and Aiden Lucas went to Clinch County, Va., on the weekend of Nov. 18, to meet the Santa Train. They had fun meeting the train and getting to see Wynona Judd.

Tammy and Bryan Banks had Thanksgiving dinner with Jason, Amanda and Benji Banks of Richmond. They reported having a wonderful dinner prepared by Jason, who is said to be a very good cook.

Bob and Ramona Caudill enjoyed Thanksgiving in Lexington with Mike and Laura Harris, Cassie and Hannah.

Virginia Brown had two of her sons and their families. Stephen and Linda Brown came from Bristol with their daughters, Andrea and Brittany, and grandchildren Mackenna, Chance, Braedon and London, and son Robert and Sherry, Bradley and Joseph. Randy and Eula Brown, were there, with son Jason and Amanda of Tennessee. It was a good thing Granny’s dinner was early, as Jason and Amanda had four other dinners to take in that day.

Over the interstate and down the road to Grandmother’s house, three-year-old Brandon wondered if Granny would cook enough dumplings for everyone to eat some. She did. The fine little boys, aged 2 to 7 years, really enjoyed the sunny day on Granny’s farm. Bradley dared to get in the face of the rooster and mock his crowing. He was rewarded with a flogging.

Granddaughter Jenny Lou wasn’t able to come, but had a good visit by telephone.

Duane and Anna Yonts were happy to have all of their children home together and some of their grandchildren, Roger and Tracy Yonts and son Wesley, Joey and Duane Yonts, Joseph and Tasha, Amie and Jeff Daniels and Zack.

Santa Claus has already paid a visit to Cowan. Randy Day received a brand new 10-speed bicycle, which was given anonymously.

David Lee and Harold Day went to Pikeville Hospital to visit James Duncan and Billie Ann Gilley. They both are in need of our prayers.

There are a lot of thankful people on Cowan this week.

Elsie Banks enjoyed Thanksgiving with Carl Bennett and Marsha, and several other members of Marsha’s family. They had a good dinner and a nice day.

Ella Preston’s birthday came on Thanksgiving this year. This happens every seventh year. Friday, her son Bruce and Diane came in and they had their Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.

Ashley Elkins hosted the Thanksgiving dinner for her family. Attending were her parents Marty and Mary Richardson, and grandparents Lola Mae Richardson and Glen and Sue Banks. They all brought food, had a great feast and enjoyed the day.

Edison and Pam Banks had Thanksgiving with her relatives in Perry County. Amanda Galer and Kyle came in later, and they all had another big dinner Saturday.

Sue Banks’s last uncle, the Rev. Ralph Flannery, died at age 96. He was from Dungannon, Va., but had been living in North Carolina with his daughter. He was a brother to Sue’s father, the late Kyle Flannery.

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