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Partly sunny

Thanksgiving dinner was big success

Northeast Ohio

A big howdy to everyone. I do hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day with family, friends and a delicious turkey dinner. We really had a good day. Charles and Delores and Bill and Redia had dinner with us and Richard and Georgia stopped by for a while. Richard had some dried apple pie and coffee.

I did something that I had never done before, and I give myself an “A” for effort. I cooked dinner all by myself, even the turkey which is usually Red’s job. I must say it turned out well, being my first turkey (breast). I also made the gravy, which Red normally does. I did what I usually do, made dressing, mashed potatoes, fried sweet ‘taters, and a salad of cottage cheese, Cool Whip, Jello, and pineapples. Almost forgot, Red put frozen green beans on to cook. For dessert we had two pecan pies (one Charles and Delores furnished and the other Bill and Redia picked up along with some dinner rolls from Sam’s Club), pumpkin pie (thanks to Bob Evans), and dried apple pies.

All in all, it was a beautiful day, even saw some sunshine, but that was supposed to change. Snow flurries were in the forecast.

Red called his sister Jean. She had another stroke and had been in the hospital. She was released and is staying with her daughter, Terri Shortt at Pound, Va. She said she was doing OK, or as well as expected.

I would like to say hello to my new pals, the girls at First Church Of God in Neon, and to all of you, I’m sending heartfelt thanks. I did get my pumpkin fudge. This time Delores outdid herself, best ever. I’m hoping you will see I get a batch next time Charles and Delores decide to come this way. Wish I could thank each one personally, but don’t know your names.

Charles and Delores were to head back to the mountains Friday morning. Gonna miss them. We really, really enjoyed having them for a visit. They treated us to dinner at Bob Evans last Wednesday.

Sunday is church time at Little Edna here in Lorain. Mayhap we’ll get to attend, depending on how Red is feeling.

How many of you were planning to go shopping at four o’clock in the morning Friday? I’ve made up my mind to forego that pleasure, or torture, whichever it should turn out to be. I’ll do my shopping during the day and hopefully it will be one that is not too cold, no rain or snow, and no winds blowing off Lake Erie. Ain’t no way, would have to be spring or summer.

Charles and Delores got on the road Friday about eight o’clock. Sure did hate to see them go, but, hopefully, they will be back come spring. Before they left snow was really coming down, enough to cover tops of vehicles, and the grass looked as though it were covered with a heavy frost. It did not last too long, and the sun was peeking out now and again, playing tag with the clouds.

I called Bill. They were picking up Christopher and Meagan and coming by here to help us clean up the leftovers. My family and company rated my dinner as very good.

Got a new sender this week, not that he hasn’t done so before when Catherine was not available. Thanks, Billy Wayne.

Catherine, Jeremy, and Valerie spent Thanksgiving Day in Columbus with Jeremy’s sister and her family and Jeremy’s mother and they got back too late to stop by.

We got some unexpected, but very welcome, company. Grandson Steven and his son Joshua stopped by and helped with disposing of the leftovers. Steven got to spend Thanksgiving at home but will hit the road again Sunday.

Guess I’ll say so long. Y’all have a good week, now. Be very careful when out and about. ‘Tis the shopping season and, as you probably know already, some drivers aren’t as careful as they could and should be. Wishing you a safe and joyous holiday season. Love, prayers and peace be with you.

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