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Thanksgiving dinner was delivered

Northeast Ohio

Well howdy y’all, I’m hoping to find all well and that all had a great Thanksgiving Day.

I wasn’t too busy in the kitchen as I didn’t cook a big dinner, not even a little one. Our food was delivered.

Valerie and Catharine ordered a complete dinner and brought it kind of late. The Sergents and Resors ate at the North Lake Church Fellowship Hall and brought food. How lucky can one couple be?

Bill and Redia were here also, and delivered a pie. It was a grand day.

Red had to see the retina specialist and got another shot in his eye. He has had a most miserable day. Besides not being able to see and hurting, he’s been fighting black bugs in front of him. He tries to show them to me, but I have to tell him I don’t see any as they are his eye bugs, not mine.

He doesn’t have another appointment until Jan. 30, 2013.

Thanksgiving Day was a most beautiful day as the sun was shining and not too cold. Sure could stand a few months of weather like this. Till April, maybe.

Red talked to Charles and they went to Tennessee to have Thanksgiving with their daughter Darla and her family. Delores was making desserts and believe you me, or at least in my opinion, that is her specialty.

I talked to his niece Carlita, and that girl wasn’t feeling too chipper. She had just gotten home Tuesday evening after having a stent implanted in her heart, so her family did most of the cooking. She did say Creighton got Tom Turkey ready for oven.

Our great- grandson Joshua called to wish us a happy Thanksgiving. He’s Steven’s son, a very smart and polite young man.

We had a feast, and some good company too: Bill and Redia, Valerie and Catharine, Richard and Georgia and Billy and Debbie were all here. We had turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, rolls, pies, cranberry sauce, and I’m sure I have forgotten something. All in all, a most happy day.

Hello to Dottie Bentley and just wanted to tell you how glad I was to hear the good news. What a great way to start the holidays. Love you and will write later. Wish I could sing like you, in my heart and mind I can but this old voice just can’t make.

Next week, same time, same place. Love and prayers.

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