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Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

By the time some of you are reading your paper Thanksgiving will be just a memory; you will be enjoying some delicious food. It doesn’t seem possible this special holiday known as Thanksgiving is as people start celebrating Christmas along with Halloween!

Halloween is a fun time for young’uns and those of us who are young at heart. Of course Christmas is extra special, if you take time to remember the reason. To me, it is become too much commercialized. No one can enjoy Christmas lights and festivities more than me, however I do know the reason we celebrate this special day.

Southern Ohio

Thanksgiving is a day we should all stop to be thankful to God we have been given another year for the freedom we have in this wonderful country, for all the things we have, and most of all share with someone if at all possible. As so many will sit down to a wonderful meal of turkey, dressing and all the trimmings, there are plenty who don’t have the bare necessities of food or a place to sleep.

Growing up, as I’ve written so many times, we didn’t have turkey or anything special for Thanksgiving, nor any special food for any holidays. Mom would try to save some shucky beans to cook, and make a stack cake. We never went hungry as we had the bare staples, beans, corn bread, fried potatoes, some kind of meat, usually fried chicken or chicken and dumplings, pork chops, or pork shoulder which is called pork steaks now.

In the summer it was green beans from the garden, in other times it was soup beans, and sometimes, if the garden was plentiful, we had as I said shucky beans made from Mom putting them on thread with a needle. Thanks to Ricky Caudill I have some that he made this way, which I haven’t been able to enjoy.

I am still very thankful I can do and enjoy so many things that others can’t.

I’ve touched on holidays for me different times. Our divorce divided our family, I had to work almost day and night to survive, too stubborn to let anyone now what a struggle it was.

I’ve spent most Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners alone for over 20 years. I was invited to friends’; it wasn’t friends I wanted to spend time with.

My heart is aching for Teddy Dean and Sue Amburgey’s family that lost someone as Greg Amburgey took his final voyage.

As everyone knows I’ve walked that path. I wish I had a magic power to take away all the heartache. My son keeps reminding me that I am not God. I tease and say that’s why I have lost an inch in height as I try to carry the world on my shoulders.

This has been a very rough week as last Tuesday I lost a special friend. Visitation was Sunday night with burial Monday.

This Tuesday I called my daughter Kay as her husband was supposed to have minor surgery Wednesday. Kay called me back as she was at the ER with her husband, who later was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital with a blood clot in his lung. He stayed two nights then was released.

Friday afternoon, Kay had outpatient surgery. It was a two-and-half-hour surgery, and she didn’t wake up as scheduled. I was hurting so bad that I finally left at 5:30 as she was still asleep. She finally awoke about 7:00, a long time after dark.

I am not familiar with the section of Cincinnati. I found my way, however it was pitch dark before 6:00 and driving back was horrible. I had been there since 12:00, with just a bottle of Boost. There were snacks available for visitors, thank God. I picked up a container of orange juice and a pack of p-nut butter crackers and stuck them in my bag. As I was driving in heavy traffic I felt my sugar dropping. I stuck my thumb in the juice container to open it and grabbed a cracker. There was no way I could get over to another lane to pull off.

My granddaughter was in front of me; somehow we got lost from each other. We both decided to go the same way, without knowing it. We both made it home safely.

I kept hoping my daughter would cancel her surgery since her husband had such a scary episode, as I once again was being a selfish person.

Saturday is the final square dance for the year at Carcassonne Community Center. Sunrise Ridge is playing there.

My daughter is more important to me than my own enjoyment.

Wednesday, I decided to lie down on my concrete patio, unintentionally. I didn’t think I was hurt, but now I am having muscle spasms, which are painful.

Oh well, what is to be will be.

Please enjoy your Thanksgiving, whether spent with family, friends are alone. Being alone is a good thing. No, you don’t have to be lonely because you are alone! I found that out a long time ago.

Until next time.

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