Whitesburg KY

Thanksgiving is getting passed over


Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying these pretty days we are having and are getting ready for the holidays.

It seems like Thanksgiving is getting passed over anymore. People celebrate Halloween more than Thanksgiving. I think every day should be Thanksgiving; we have so much to be thankful for. All the stores have all of the Christmas things out now.

A late happy birthday to Keith Howard, David Pennington and Harry ‘Bub’ Gerard Collins.

I visited with Aggie Hatton the other day, and she is doing some better. Her family is taking good care of her. We sure miss her at church.

Sandra Cook will be having her open house the Friday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 26. It will go on for awhile. She wants to invite everyone to come. It’s always a good time to buy Longaberger, and also lots of fun seeing everyone.

I enjoyed having breakfast on Saturday at Pine Mountain Grill with Sandra and Billy Hatton and their two grandchildren, Sam and Ellie Mullins. We stayed two hours and met lots of friends.

A lady came by and talked to us, Nancy Caudill Oaks, a very nice lady who enjoys my news. Thank you.

I got a call from my friend Anna Watkins the other day. She was feeling better. I’m sure glad about that. I have been real concerned about her.

It was good hearing from Annabelle Wright. We can always find a lot to talk about. She gave me a CD of ‘Life in Blackey’ by Will Caudill. It was all about Blackey, and he wrote all the songs and mentioned a lot of people I know. I probably know some of his family. I know some Caudills there. I really appreciated it, Annabelle.

One of our Blackey friends died, Beulah Back, the wife of the late Ray Back. They were some of the sweetest people I’ve ever known. She will surely be missed. Our sympathy goes out to her family.

Louise Shepherd, Joyce Howard and I went to Pine Creek Church last Saturday night, where Johnny Collier is pastor. We really enjoyed it, and they had a full house. It was their homecoming.

Our brother Jack Howard preached that night. If I had known that Arnold Conn had preached a few nights before, I would have gone to hear him. I like those Conn boys. I think his brother Billy Conn preached also. I get to hear their brother John Conn often. He’s our pastor, and we all love him.

I think we have some of the best Sunday School teachers. They are also preachers, Bro. Donald Enfusse, Delmar Butler and Rodney Allen. We are proud of our church and all the people who come.

I just found out that my friend, Roberta Willie of Roanoke, Va., is in the hospital there, and needs everyone’s prayers. She is such a good friend. She helped me through some bad times. I appreciate having a friend like her. I’ve known her about all of her life.

David Trent is still in the hospital at Holston Hills. I hope he is doing better. Everyone loves David, he is a real nice fellow.

Anna Lou Combs still needs everyone’s prayers. We have so many friends who are sick.

I haven’t heard from our cousin, Elzie Ray Hatton in Tennessee. I hope he and his wife Irene are okay. I’m sure they are enjoying all of the food they canned. I saw the pictures of all of it. They are hard working people. The last time I talked to him he said he was beginning to feel his age — 71 — but I won’t tell anyone.

My son Rob Hatton just called and told me that he and his daughter Rocki Hill and her baby Elise had gone to the zoo in Louisville and had a great time.

Well, it’s about time to go to church. May God bless all of you, and try to be in church somewhere this week, because winter will soon be here. That means slick roads.

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