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Thanksgiving lost between Halloween and Christmas

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? It seems that Thanksgiving always gets lost between Halloween and Christmas.

When I was in the mountains last month I stopped at Save-A-Lot on the bypass at Hazard. The Christmas display was beautiful, just a little too early.

There’s something funny that happened that I have meant to share. As I was traveling on and towards Isom, something was in the road. At first I thought it was a dog. As I got closer I saw it was a small deer that was not about to get out of the road. That deer was in the middle and would not move for quite a distance. I was afraid to blow the horn as it could reverse direction, and to make matters worse it was foggy. Finally it went to the left and I continued on my way.

It seems we bypassed fall and went directly into winter in the Ohio Valley area. For a few days the colors of the trees were beautiful. I really didn’t think it would be, as we’ve had such a long time without rain. I am not talking about just being chilly, I mean downright cold.

Halloween night was so cold, that my daughter Angie Wiederhold wouldn’t let my sidekick Bennie go Trick-or-Treating.

At least he got out of the doghouse for a few hours last Sunday night when I took him to the Harrison Community Center.

To make matters worse, somehow I’ve had a severe upper respiratory infection. I had to pay my primary physician a visit and he prescribed a very strong antibiotic that consisted of seven pills. As if I don’t have enough to contend with, as my ankle isn’t ever going to heal.

Now I’ve got my complaining over I think I will get on to more things important.

Tuesday, my son Keith Ballard had some tests done at UC Hospital at West Chester, which is a branch of UC in Cincinnati. I have been in probably a dozen hospitals over the years, and this hospital is one of the nicest that I’ve ever been in.

As you enter the hospital there was a certain area with long tables, and there was a pumpkin-decorating contest. I wish there was some way I could have gotten pictures to share with everyone.

Vickie Power finally got a smart phone, so she made a short video.

One pumpkin stood out for me from all the rest, as it was ET, complete with a hand made from rubber gloves with a fingernail painted red.

If it hadn’t been such a cold rainy day and evening, I was tempted to take Bennie so he could see these amazing works of art with pumpkins.

We arrived at a very busy time and the parking lot was filled. It was raining, so Vickie and Keith walked ahead of me. Of course I didn’t have an umbrella as someone took two umbrellas out of my car June 1, when I had my accident and the car was towed to a lot. Not only did a couple of new umbrellas disappear, one still in a box, a new drink container, with a pink cancer emblem, which I had used one time, and a gallon of windshield washer fluid that had never been opened.

I am thankful I was able to get what I did, as my trunk was filled with things.

Keith had two tests done. They biopsied several places but we won’t find out the results for a couple of weeks. He has lost so much weight that he wears the same size pants as he did as a teenager. When he will go to sleep during the day you know that he isn’t feeling well.

This past two weeks have really been bad with so much sadness in other people’s lives.

My sympathy to my granddaughter Jodi’s husband Carl Davidson, who lost a sister due to being ill. The following day Carl’s mother passed away.

Now you talk about a double whammy. His mother is the same age as me.

I understand that his mother had dementia. She was in a nursing home, and hospice had been called in, yet she kept hanging on. They finally revealed about her daughter, and it seems she understood and took the final voyage soon after.

Jodi was at her wits’ end, as she confided to her mother, Kay Gray, that she didn’t know what to say to Carl.

I didn’t stay for the funeral, as I wasn’t feeling well.

A couple of days ago, my daughter Kay was experiencing chest pains. She had an EKG and the results were normal. Her doctor said it was stress. He also said stress can play heck with your body and health.

I could have given her that information, and that is where dancing comes in handy for me

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers, and we had a nice crowd, and good music with plenty of food. I decided to fix soup beans and cornbread. You might say that my morning didn’t get off to a good start, as I overestimated the amount of beans so Keith could have a small amount.

I switched to ham hocks from my usual smoked jowl bacon. The amount of beans plus the large ham hocks was too much for the crockpot, so I had to remove some beans.

I tasted them, and didn’t like the taste. Everyone else must have enjoyed them, as there was only a small scoop left.

When I baked the skillet of cornbread, it stuck in the skillet and crumbled. I seriously thought of taking a gallon of milk and the crumbled cornbread, saying this is our dinner.

Some would probably not have ever tasted milk and bread. At least I had time to make another skillet, which must have been good as only two small pieces were left.

In March Old Time Fiddlers will have to change locations, which is going to be hard to find. The VFW Post is cutting its hours of operations.

I made the suggestion that before I see Old Time Fiddlers close, as it has been in operation almost 40 years, that I would have the meetings at my house.

I was informed by a member that I couldn’t do that. When I asked for the reason why, I was informed because of insurance. He asked if I had insurance in case he fell in my house, which I hadn’t even thought of.

I politely replied, if you plan on coming to my house and falling, maybe you better not come. He relied that he would need to see a signed statement, so I guess that idea is going to not happen.

I may get a signed statement saying I am not responsible for accidents. It is horrible you have to be so careful as to whom to invite in your home, afraid they will fall on purpose to get money.

Maybe I should quit fixing food to take. Maybe if someone gets choked, I may be sued!

Congratulations to Les and Pat Wagner, as evidently the two have improved enough to celebrate their anniversary by getting to Smoky Mountains on Nov. 3. This has been an annual event for Les and Pat for several years.

Both Les and Pat have faced a lot of health issues this past year.

May 2020 be a better year for everyone who reads my column, and faces any issue of any kind.

Keep those that have lost loved ones in your heart and prayers as the holidays are approaching.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing as well as possible

My computer is tired so until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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