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Thanksgiving will be arriving soon

Southern Ohio

Hello once again! Here it is almost the middle of November, Thanksgiving is just a few days away! I think I am going to head for the nearest house and see what they are having good and move on to the next, maybe I will start a procession Thanksgiving meal, go to one house for the appetizers, the next for the main course and try another for desserts.

Then someone would have to let me stay all night because I would be too full to drive home, unless I just started walking. Oh well it was a good idea. Look out, Johnny and Ann Calihan, you are within walking distance to me.

I don’t know what I have done. Somehow I wrote part of a column and it is nowhere to be found. My computer guy, Paul Weber, is really great at fixing computers, though this one is getting on its last legs, I have access to Internet Explorer though AOL is much simpler to me.

I really appreciate my friend, Linda Hollan, letting me use her computer to get my column to The Mountain Eagle. Linda is a very special person as well as being a good friend. I have know her for too many years to recall, plus I worked with Linda for 11 years at J.C. Penney Outlet.

Yet it really is good to back at my own computer desk, where I can sit in my gown and work on this column. I try to do it when my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold isn’t trying to help me. Bennie loves to sit on my lap and listen to the radio.

Bennie saw a blue Kroger logo on a Kroger coupon and he said Kroger’s. When I take him to Kroger’s or any store as we go through the produce, he says apples, ‘nanas (bananas), pears. As I proceed through the aisles, he says cereal, crackers, chips, and when I get to the diary aisle he hollers real loud “cheese.” Mild cheddar cheese is his favorite, I mean this kid will not eat American cheese, as he knows the difference.

My daughter Kay Gray watched Bennie one night as I had something to do. Kay says Bennie is an octopus as he was in to everything. Bennie is three weeks younger than Kay’s grandson, T.J. Proctor. I said I should be as thin as a fence rail because Bennie does keep me on the go.

Would anyone want to come and help me baby-sit? Bennie just discovered I had a thread loose in the hem of my gown, well guess what I have to put a hem in it. I tell you there’s never a dull moment in my house when he is here!

It seems with my computer down there have been some things I have neglected to write.

My brother, Richie, and sister in-law, Wanda Hall, are proud grandparents. Wanda’s daughter, Tina, and Donald Bates have a precious little baby boy. Donald’s parents are Jesse and Pauline Bates.

My sympathy goes out to the Cassel and Opal Boggs family in the loss of Cassel’s mother. I met Cassel and Opal when I have gone to church with Richie and Wanda. I really like this little church!

I never did see an obituary for Doug Bryant in the paper. Maybe next column I will get together with his sister, Betty Kelly, and get something mentioned for him. I knew Doug when we were young.

My friend, Shirley Wells, and I are enjoying listening to WMMT via the Internet. Lil Willard is playing Christmas music, a little early, although I am enjoying it immensely. Actually I have listened to Christmas music pretty much all summer long in my car as I found some tapes that I hadn’t listened to for a while.

I really missed listening to “Bobby Joe’s Gospel Jubilee” on Bounce radio with Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass on Saturday mornings. Bobby Joe also has a program following the gospel show that I really like.

I really missed Shirley and Gwen Huff Farmer while my computer was down. I talked to Gwen on the phone a couple of times. Gwen is having a bad time missing her little dog Blackie; now she is losing a cat she has for several years.

Shirley Wells has been down with the flu. I hope she is feeling better.

Ann Calihan is finally feeling better. She and Johnny are never still long enough to stay sick very long. I am glad she is doing OK.

My little granddaughter, Katelyn Nottingham, turned five years old Nov. 10. It doesn’t seem possible how fast children grow up.

My granddaughter, Sarah Nottingham, is 10 and is taller than I am. Sarah wears the same size shoe as her mother, Anna. My six-year-old granddaughter, Jessica Nottingham, is really growing too.

I can wear my seven-year-old great-granddaughter, Samantha Jo Gray’s, shoes. Sammi got tickled when I put her shoes on.

Hello, Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb, please try to stay warm and comfortable, looks like winter is setting in.

Vickie Power and I went to a benefit at Coon Hunters Club on the outskirts of Hamilton, Ohio. A nice crowd attended, and we enjoyed all the bands especially James White and Deer Creek. I really like this band. This time James’s wife, Bertha, got to attend. It was great to see her. James and Bertha are such good dancers; it is a pleasure to be around them.

The Flatland Bluegrass Barn is closed until May. James White and Deer Creek band was their featured band also on their last day, then the house band which is Cooley Jr. Calihan’s band. Now these are some great musicians. I hope Cooley Jr. along with the other entertainers and crowd find their way to Old Time Fiddlers which meets the first Sunday of each month in the basement of the fire department at Miamitown, Ohio from 1 to 4 p.m. We will be having our Christmas party the first Sunday of December.

Hello to my brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall. It seems Jerry is having a lot of trouble staying upright as he feel bad again. Our sister, Loretta Church, and Ron Sublet stopped by to see Jerry and Mattie.

Well, it is time for me to get out of here. I have a busy day ahead of me.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone (513) 367-4682.

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