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The base publication

In the mid 1940s during World War II, Travis Air Force Base, Calif. had a weekly paper, Front and Center, a paper printed by Hamilton Field, Calif.

The paper moved to Fairfield in May, 1943, originally a few pages of notices, sports and USO events stenciled and run off of a battered old mimeo machine. It grew into a weekly offset edition of more than 10 pages that were highlighted with locally-drawn cartoons and portraits of base personalities.

The war’s end and a reduction in force resulted in the demise of the paper. The last issue appeared on Nov. 10, 1945.

In the mid-1950s my Pacific Division (PACD) Headquarters at Hickman Field in Hawaii, would move into Travis Air Force Base in California and assume command of the base from Strategic Air Command (SAC) with my boss, Maj. Gen. Russell L. Waldron, as commander.

I was asked by my boss to come up with a daily publication to be printed first thing in the morning that would be called The Daily Bulletin to supply base personnel with news for the people when it was still news.

This bulletin was still being printed in October 1968 when I was assigned to Germany to be in charge of all the printing in Europe.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.)

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