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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

The beauty of autumn is still around

Southern Ohio

Happy Thanksgiving!

The beauty of autumn is still around. A friend of mine has the most beautiful petunias, zinnias and marigolds still blooming, though the air is sort of cool. One morning I had so much ice on my car I could hardly get the doors open.

I hate winter. My propane gas tank just cost me over $700 to fill. If I am lucky and conservative, it will last me through the winter. At least I hope it does.

Nina Cornett has posted beautiful pictures of the mountains of eastern Kentucky, and that makes me want to get right back in the car and head that way again.

Sunday morning, I drove upon Pine Mountain. At first I thought I was wasting my time as it wasn’t very pretty scenery, then as I drove a bit farther it was so beautiful. It was as if everything had been dipped in golden hues of color.

I know as the weather gets bad it will limit my going anywhere that I really don’t have to go as I am a big chicken and don’t like driving in snow that much.

If I don’t start being more careful in what I am doing , I am not be going or doing anything.

I’ve had trouble with my wall outlets for a couple of weeks. I was talking to my almost adopted son Jon Caudill who has the Caudill Construction at Jeremiah.

Jon told me to check the switch on it, so I climbed on a stepstool and onto my kitchen counter to reach behind the refrigerator. I missed the step and took a plunge.

I knew I was hurt but thought I would be alright as I could walk and could raise my arm. Things didn’t improve so I finally had to give in after several days and I went to have it checked.

I have a cracked rib, plus reinjured my right arm that already has a five-inch plate and eight screws in it. I didn’t know that you are prone to get pneumonia with a cracked rib so I have to use a breathing apparatus to keep my lungs clear.

Friday, Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers played at Connersville Bluegrass. I went to listen, but could not dance. That hurt almost as bad as the pain from the injury.

Ma Crow & the Lady Slippers do a wonderful show at all their performances.

Thanks to Hayward Day and his daughter Kim,who looks more like her mother each time I see her. They shared a seat with me. It is always good to see Hayward and Kim.

The house band, The Briar Hoppers, always does a good show. Marvin Davis plays the mandolin, but we were in for a surprise as Marvin pulled the fiddle out of the case and did a number with twin fiddles on ‘Faded Love,’ then ‘Old Joe Clark.’

I told Marvin that, had they played ‘Sally Goodin,’ I would have danced regardless of the cracked rib. Of course I was just kidding, well maybe not.

As I traveled back from Connersville, Ind., there were several houses already decorated for Christmas. Every store in Brookville has Christmas displays in its windows.

It is too early for this. Oh, what am I saying? There’s no real meaning to Christmas anymore, it is all about greed and seeing how many expensive toys to buy for children who usually already have more than they use.

I haven’t talked to Les and Pat Wagner this week, Larry or Becky Hasty. I hope they are all doing alright.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are perking along very well. Ann is improving slowly but well with her broken leg. It is going to take time but she will make a full recovery.

Betty Ison is really coming along well with her knee replacement. I knew you couldn’t keep her down for long.

Old Time Fiddlers has moved to Whitewater Senior Center at Dry Fork Road, in Cleves on the second Sunday of each month,1:30 to 4:30 p.m. This is an allacoustic jam, so bring your instruments and join us.

We had our first meeting and things went rather smoothly. The next meeting is Dec. 8.This will be our Christmas party so bring a covered dish or a dessert come and join us.

Thursday evening, I went to a grandparents’ event with my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold. It was really enjoyable. Bennie showed me through his school, and I met a couple of his teachers.

Happy birthday to my granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham on Nov. 10, and belated birthday wishes to my daughter Anna on Nov. 3, and her husband Scott Nottingham on Nov. 7.

That would have been my grandmother Rosa Hall’s birthday also.

Have you got your Thanksgiving meal all planned? If so, just set a plate for me and let me know what time to be there.

I am not making plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas at the present time. I think I will hibernate like a bear.

My daughter Kay Gray spent a couple of weeks at their house in Destin, Fla. Kay called me laughing as a bear has been sighted in the neighborhood. Kay said even bears need a vacation.

Hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall and to all Jerry’s neighbors, and my sister-in-law Wanda Hall

I will bring this to close as my arm needs a rest, plus my computer is acting up. If one more thing goes wrong, I may find that bridge and jump off as I so often say I am going to do.

Until next time.

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