Whitesburg KY

The beaver dogs


Some time back, beaver were stocked in the small creek where I live. There wasn’t a lot of area to cover, so they were spread out a little thin.

An old male beaver built a dam in the river next to one of my buddy’s barn. He kept looking around, but could never find a lady beaver to share his home.

As a result, he became romantically involved with my friend’s prize-winning blue tick coonhound.

When the pups were born my buddy was really disappointed. They were really ugly with their large front teeth and big, flat tails.

He tried to drown them in the river, but even at an early age it was hard to believe how good they could swim. As the pups grew older, he really learned to love them.

He didn’t even have to go with them and climb the mountains on a coon hunt. They would go by themselves, and when they treed a coon, they would just chew the tree down, catch the coon and bring it home.

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