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The best gift you can give is love


Looks like it’s time once again for us to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I really hope that during this Christmas season people will pause for just a moment to think of the real reason for celebrating what we know as Christmas.

Not many people, or I should say, not enough people think of it as our Savior’s birthday. They only think of it as a time to give and receive gifts, whether in the form of money or other material things.

The best gift a person could ever give is love, and love comes from God. You can’t buy love with money or other gifts, anymore than you can buy your way into heaven. You may go out and buy a lot of expensive gifts, and in a lot of instances max your credit cards. But you still can’t buy love.

Love is free, not to be bought or sold, because it is a gift from the heart and not the bank or credit card company.

Too many people spend the Christmas season trying to please mankind instead of pleasing our Savior. If you are incapable of showing your love any hour of any day and not just during giftgiving occasions, you don’t know the true meaning of love.

Anyway, that little baby boy who was born in a barn, the poorest of the poor, was born to save the world from sin, not to condemn the world, because mankind was already lost. God repented that He ever made man, but He also saw a way to save man – and that means woman, too, because woman was made from man.

You can go to the church of your choice and drop $100 into the collection receptacle every Sunday all the days of your life and still end up in torment because you are only pleasing man, not God. It matters not what you give to man, but it does matter what you give to the Lord.

We know not what day of the year Jesus was born. December 25 is the day set aside to honor His birth. Surely we can spend one day a year in honor of the one who gave all He had for us, His very life. He had nothing else to give because He had already given all He had, His love.

You may fool man by sitting in the Amen Corner every Sunday while raising the total in the church treasury or looking and acting the part of a respectable individual in the eye of the public, but you aren’t fooling the one who can’t be fooled. It matters not what mankind thinks of you anyway, or what church book you added your name to. It matters if your name is not in “The Book.”

Man can’t put it in that book, only God can do that. If you can’t embrace your worst enemy and tell them you love them and say it from the heart, your name is undeniably not in “The Book.” If you can’t show your love anywhere at anytime and to anyone, your love is as phony as a $6 bill.

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