Whitesburg KY

The best soup beans ever made

Hello everyone!

Is it November yet? I am sick to death of the garbage and mud slinging of the candidates! With either we are in trouble.

On cool mornings like this my thoughts go back to childhood as I remember Grandma starting her day by getting dressed, sitting down in front of her opened door which had no screen, taking her beautiful long hair down, combing it, and pilling it high on her head.

She washed up, put on a pot of coffee, and then would take pinto beans out of a bag. She would wash them, looking at them for rocks, then put the beans in a pot so they could cook all day.

Granny made the best soup beans that I’ve ever eaten in my life. When Anna took me to Indiana I cooked a pot of beans for her and the family at Scott’s request.

As I sit down to start this column, I look out my window at the freshly cut hayfield. It is so green it almost looks like spring as there’s not a brown spot showing though we’ve had some really hot days. I am so grateful for the vision that God gave me, and for making it possible to live here 43 years, to enjoy the scenery of being in the open without buildings blocking my view.

We have been getting lots of rain the past few days, and more is expected to come. At least we don’t have the horror that is going on in Louisiana. It is so heartbreaking to see so many losing their homes and their lives.

I spent a few days in Good Samaritan Hospital again. I am running out of options, and there’s not much more than can be done for me.

I have to get things in order and try to get my house where the kids won’t have to come in with an excavating team to get rid of all the junk I have collected over the last 50-some years.

We are all born to die sooner or later as we know as death is connected with living, and this is the way that this has been dealt to me.

Southern Ohio

A surgeon made a mistake a year ago, while doing surgery.

Oh well what can I say, except I’ve had a full life of 71 years. As a young uneducated girl who came from the mountains of eastern Kentucky to a far and distant land, or so it seemed, I haven’t done too badly for myself.

Each time my children cross my thoughts I am so proud of each of them. Their dad and I may not be together, but we must have done something right.

Then there’s my grandchildren. As school begins for a new year, my granddaughter Sarah Nottingham is starting college at N.K.U. with a four-year scholarship.

Sarah was accepted at a college in Indianapolis, and she dearly loved the school as she could have gotten automatically in an FBI program, but the cost of the four years made N.K.U. more alluring. Sarah is going into computer science with the possibility of some kind of law enforcement. All she has to do is pay for her books. Did I say I was proud of Sarah?

Scott and Anna bought a two-bedroom condo for Sarah, which is only a few minutes from N. K. U. A friend of Sarah’s is sharing expenses with her, so it will help financially.

My granddaughters Jessica and Katelyn Nottingham are both in band at Beechwood this year. The little boss man Kyle will be going a full day for kindergarten.

Anna said she was sending Kyle’s teacher a bottle of wine each Friday, as she will need it after dealing with Kyle.

My granddaughter Jodi Gray is teaching again at the school as last year. Jodi is an amazing person and a very devoted and loving teacher. One of the school office employees requested her child be put in Jodi’s room.

My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold had a fun day for his first day back to school. Bennie was very excited to get started again. He thought a little friend was moving away, but when he got to school the little boy was there and you might say that Bennie was a happy camper.

Les and Pat Wagner enjoyed a few days in the mountains again. It rained the whole time they were there, but I’ll bet that didn’t stop them from enjoying time with family and friends. I know James and John Ison were pleased with Les and Pat being there.

Pat called to check on me, and it seems Les decided he needed a new pet as he caught a skunk in a trap in his tomatoes. If I was able to eat tomatoes that might have been me he caught in the trap instead.

Doyle and Betty Ison, it was good to hear from you. Maybe I will feel like living and will head your way one of these days.

I haven’t talked to Johnny or Ann Calihan since I have been so ill. I hope they are doing all right and Johnny is recovering from his tumble down the steps.

Please keep this family in your prayers as they really need them at this time.

Oma Hatton, I hope you are doing a lot better. You will be back at full swing before long.

I don’t know when election is in the mountains, but keep Darrell Hall in your thoughts. If I were able I would be back there campaigning for Darrell.

Bill and Betty Kelly will be getting a new addition to their family in September as their son Barry Brown will be marrying a beautiful young woman, Tina Dunn. Actually Betty won’t be getting a daughter-in-law, she is getting a daughter.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers, which had to be cancelled due to me being in the hospital, and Vicki had to take her granddaughter school shopping.

Letcher County/Kentucky Day Picnic will be at the Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Ohio 45030, beginning at noon on Sept. 24. Please bring a covered dish and drink.

This is behind the community center at the big shelter.

Everyone is welcome. Until next time.

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