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The calendar says it is spring

Blair Branch

Spring!! We’ve finally made it, and I am so very happy. I absolutely love spring and fall. But summer and winter I could do without. Easter lilies are in full bloom and the frogs are chirping of the evenings; those are sure signs that warmer days are coming.

I hope each of you is healthy and happy. Michael, the boys, and I are finally over our colds. It took a month, but we survived it. Good riddance, I say. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone .

Mom, Sylvania Whitaker, had an appointment at the UK Transplant Center on Thursday. The appointment went really well. The kidney was functioning as it should, her creatinine was 0.9 — which is normal, and she doesn’t have to go back for six weeks. Thank God again for His blessing! However, I would like to ask you all to continue to keep her in your prayers. She wasn’t feeling well on Friday. She was very dizzy all day. She couldn’t lie down or anything for the room spinning. She says she is feeling better now, but just send up a prayer that it was something minor and nothing to worry about. Thanks!

Dad, Allen Whitaker, had been having some issues with his sinuses, but he is doing better.

Mom’s sister, Edna Helton of Indianapolis, Ind., was in the hospital recently. She is home and is doing a little better, thank God.

Charles E. Blair has been sick and had to go for several days to have IVs. Mom spoke with him and he said he may be a little better but still has the croup.

My husband, Michael, went to the Food City 500 last Sunday with his dad, brother, and nephew. They really enjoyed themselves but managed to get themselves a nice sunburn. My nephew, Daniel, and one of his friends went as well.

Austin ‘Bud’ Whitaker is participating in the state championship with the Letcher County Central High School archery team this week in Louisville.

We had cake and ice cream at Mom and Dad’s house with the family on March 2 to celebrate Alissa’s birthday. She is the daughter of Allen and Jessica Jent. She is such a pretty princess.

Then on Sunday, March 3, we partied again, soccer themed this time, at Missy and Wayne Fields’s house to celebrate Lexi’s ninth birthday.

Deidra and Sammy Gibson joined the Dixon Memorial Old Regular Baptist Church and were baptized by Allen Whitaker, Homer Smith, and Roger Fields on Feb. 24. Roger Lee Whitaker Jr. also joined Dixon Memorial recently and will be baptized this meeting time, March 24. Everyone is invited to attend services. The baptism will follow.

Blair Branch suffered more loss last month. Minnie Blair, age 86, of Jeremiah, died Monday, Feb. 18, at the Whitesburg ARH. She was born at Jeremiah on Feb. 17, 1927 to John Riley Blair and Polly Watts Blair. She is survived by her brother, Lovell Blair, and sister, Ila Adams. She was preceded in death by her parents; brothers, Shade Blair, Allen Bee Blair, and Ben Dee Blair; and sisters, Nella Whitaker, Lizzie Campbell, Ella Blair and Stella Mae Blair. Funeral services for Minnie Blair were at 1 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 21, at the Blair Branch Regular Baptist Church with Allen Whitaker, David Jent and Mearl Caudill officiating. Burial followed at the John Riley Blair Cemetery at Jeremiah.

James Truman Caudill, age 67, of Jeremiah, died Friday, Feb. 22, at his residence. Truman was the son of the late George and Lydia Caudill. Surviving are his wife, Margie Caudill; three sons, Jimmy Ray (Lisa) Caudill, and George Caudill, all of Crab Orchard, and Denver Brown of Richmond, Ind.; two daughters, Kim Barfield of Gateway, Alaska, and Lyda (A.J.) Jimenez of Vancouver, Canada; 12 grandchildren, four great-grandchildren; and a sister, Martha Ison of North Vernon, Ind.

Funeral was Sunday, Feb. 24, at the Hotspot Community

Baptist Church with Eli Smith and others officiating. Burial followed in the Russell Blair Cemetery at Jeremiah.

I’d like everyone to pray for Aaron Blair, the son of Amanda Blair and Antony Goodman. Due to the form of epilepsy he has the doctors are moving toward brain surgery in the upcoming months. Any prayers you can send up for him would be greatly appreciated.

Joyce Adams’s thyroid scans came back negative for cancer. That is great news. The doctors want to do further testing just to be sure.

Maggie Kaidence Pratt celebrated her second birthday at the recreation center in Whitesburg. She turned two on March 1. She is the daughter of Steven and Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Pratt and a granddaughter of Steven and Barb Pratt and Benjie and Dana Smith. Maggie enjoyed playing with her cousins and special friends. The family would like to say thanks to all who came from near and far away to join in the celebration.

Tommy and Deb Yonts came home from South Carolina to be there. Danna and Benjie really enjoyed having them. Dennis and Jo Ann, Ray Dean and Doris, Sonja and Lindell all came to celebrate as well. They really missed having Buck and Debbie with them, too.

Stephanie Harvey celebrated her birthday on Feb. 20; Quentin Williams, Feb. 24; Tammy Whitaker, Feb. 26; Charity Whitaker and Krystal Fleming, Feb. 27; Matt Blair, Feb. 28; Alissa Jent, Maggie Pratt, and John Lynch, March 1; Alexis Fields, March 2; Rachael Smith, March 3; Mariya Lepou and I, March 5; Naomi Strickland, March 9; Judah Strickland and Rebecca Halcomb, March 11; Chris Strickland and Patrick Lynch, March 13; Dandie Walters, March 15; Marvon Blair, March 16; Kristen Ingram, March 18; and Jayln Hensley, March 19.

Freda Combs will celebrate her birthday on March 20; Phoenix Emmons, March 23; Kayla Hensley, Johnny Whitaker, and Caitlin Webb, March 25.

Happy birthday to each of you. I hope your special day is filled with all the love and laughter in the world.

Cyra Whitaker has made arrangements to help host a meeting to serve the needs of the sight impaired in our community. Please get the word out so that our loved ones can get help with their disability. The Office of the Blind will be having a community meeting for vision loss on at 10 a.m. on March 21, at the Blair Branch Old Regular Baptist Church. Everyone is welcome to attend!

The Concerned Citizens Action Against Substance Abuse prayer vigil and march will be held on June 2. T-shirts are now for sale as well. You can contact Opal Jent for more information at 606-633-1441.

If I have left anyone or anything out, just let me know and I will be glad you get you next time. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week. If you would like to contact me, feel free to give me a call or you may email me at alaånacouch@hotmail.com.

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