Whitesburg KY

The Candy Bomber was my friend

I first met him when we were flying supplies into Germany from the States. The young kids were hungry and reaching through the barbwire fence to get food from the U.S. pilots.

This young pilot started bringing boxes of candy and giving them to these kids. Other pilots starting doing the same thing. They were throwing candy from their planes — hence, getting the name Candy Bomber.

A movie was made of this act. The Candy Bomber became famous.

Years later, I ran into him at Travis Air Force Base before we retired. We talked for some time. I was working in the base headquarters at the time and could help him with the public that was always wanting to talk to him.

During my last trip to Germany, I ran into a young man that said he was one of those kids getting candy from the sky.

The candy-man is retired in Ohio now. We are the same age.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in California.)

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