Whitesburg KY


October 19, 2011 Robert Adams

Last week we tried to enlighten you about things that God has worked for the saving of every soul that would come into the world. Whether or not your heart has been hardened by deceit to the point that you cannot understand the simplicity of words that God has inspired to save, will be determined by the response you make, whether it will be to man, or to God. When corruption sets in, the mind and the heart begins to corrode the very intellect of one’s being. (A heart corroded by bitterness.) There is a lot of bitterness in men today against the work of God, that one can still be forgiven of sins, and added to His church. Bitter because there are people who are showing concern about the order of what God has arranged that will bring this church into every heart, rather than continue to follow something that cannot be proven by the teachings of men. Men have corrupted themselves, and the doctrine they bring is corrupted, and no soul will be saved by their word. Peter’s advice to you is; Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God which liveth and abideth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you, 1 Peter 1:23,25. We at the church of Christ at Mayking, Ky. present these writings as a learning process for all who will be interested, things that men will not bring to you from all of the Bible. The church of Christ at Mayking, Ky. gives honor to the only baptism that you read about in this gospel, of which Peter tells us will endure for ever, 1 Peter 1:25. This is the gospel of the apostles that will hold you to Jerusalem, but there are many men, even those who tell you that they are Christians, but will not explain to you why you cannot stop at Galilee for a baptism that can do nothing for your sins. Do you understand why Matthew 28:19 as it is written from Galilee cannot save anyone from sin? Because the name of Jesus Christ is omitted in this baptism. I will give you just a short bit of history about what God set in the way for you. First of all, Galilee, nor the word of the Lord that would go forth from Galilee was given no part in the establishing of the church. But notice how God exalted Jerusalem to be the city where His people would honor. The Passover as you know would be held at Jerusalem at the same time every year, and this came to the people while they were in bondage to Egypt as God was planning to bring them out of Egypt Exodus 12:1-15. Not only would it be held in order for the Passover, but for the church to be established in a time appointed of God, which would be the beginning of the New Covenant for all generations. While preparing Jerusalem for all that would be good, God reminded Israel by the prophet Isaiah saying to them; The word of the Lord that goeth forth from Jerusalem will build the house of the God of Jacob, Isaiah 2:2-3. If you were not born again in the power of the name of Jesus Christ, Acts 2:38, at Jerusalem, will you return to Jerusalem and be saved from your sins? This is the baptism that you will receive at the church at Mayking, Ky. Come.

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