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The Coronavirus can just sneak up on you


Hello everyone – I hope all are doing fine and dandy. I’m still trying to get my tree decorated. I figure by the time I’m done, it’s be time to take it down. LOL.

I can now say that I have survived the coronavirus. I was self-quarantined for two weeks and I know you only need 10 days of quarantine.

Who knows from where I caught the virus and I don’t think there’s a set way to find out. I wore a mask when I went into stores. I washed or sanitized my hands all the time. I stayed six feet away from others when I was in a store. I didn’t hang out with people I didn’t know. Somehow those sneaky virus germs can still find you if you follow safety protocols.

Since I didn’t end up in the hospital, I had a mild case. I spend a lot of time napping. I coughed a lot. I had a sore throat. I ached a lot (yes, even my hair hurt). I coughed until I threw up. I had diarrhea. I had a slight fever and would get hot and cold. I had a headache and an earache and sinus issues. Every symptom that’s listed for the coronavirus, I feel like I had. My eyes were even tired. Luckily I did not lose my sense of taste or smell.

I’m not writing about this to have people feel sorry for me. I feel like people blame the virus on the one who caught it and it just happens. It’s a virus that you’ll get when you least expect it. I feel lucky that I didn’t have any breathing issues and for that I’m thankful.

For those who have had or have the virus, I wish you the best to feel better soon. For those who haven’t had it, stay healthy and safe and wear a mask. This virus will knock you down for several days and you’ll wonder if you’ll get back up.

I did miss seeing my brother on a near daily basis. Because of the virus we are staying apart. Buddy and Lady still came to visit as they wanted treats in spite of the virus.

Feel better wishes are being sent to Patrick Andry, John Campbell, Helen Caudill and Samantha Brock.

Darrin Edward Bentley passed away on December 8, 2020. He was born on January 1, 1965. His funeral service was on January 13, 2020 with burial at the Bentley Cemetery in Payne Gap.

Condolences are sent to Gemma Bentley and the family.

My cousin, Donna Watts, tried an old recipe for Old- Fashioned Boiled Custard. This recipe was used by our Granny, Beulah Caudill, and at least one of her sisters, Virginia Brown. I am sure that the other Gibson Sisters (Nora Boyd, Thelma Banks, Geneva Caudill, LouAma Banks, Minnie Vae Banks, and Mattie Vern Banks) used the same recipe. Donna said the recipe worked for her and it was delicious. Boiled custard is probably my favorite Granny dessert.

Old-Fashioned Boiled Custard

4 egg yolks, beaten

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 tablespoon flour

1 cup sugar

4 cups milk

Scald milk. Blend flour and sugar. Add to scalded milk. Add egg yolks and cook in top of double boiler until it clings to spoon. Remove from heat. Add vanilla. Pour over stiffly-beaten egg whites. Fold. Sprinkle nutmeg on top. Serve with favorite cake.

I want to thank my niece and her family, Janis, Mike, Anna, Myles, Addison, Tucker, and Campbell Marr, for the candy they sent. We received fudge and peanut butter balls. It’s all delicious and so rich tasting.

The quote of the week is attributed to Winston Churchill. “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

If you have any news, please email me at Cowannews@aol.com.

Stay healthy and safe. Wear a mask.

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