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The Eagle announces change from Tuesday to Wednesday

The Eagle announces
change from Tuesday to Wednesday

The Mountain Eagle is
announcing changes in its distribution schedule.

Beginning with the January 9 edition, The Eagle will be distributed early on Wednesday morning instead of on Tuesday afternoon.

The change, the first in more than 20 years, is the result of a decision by Norton Press Inc., where The Eagle is printed, to change its schedule so that employees no longer have to work around-the-clock shifts, which has often been the case.

“We welcome Norton’s decision because we’re tired of staying up all night too,” said Eagle editor Ben Gish. “The only change our readers will see in the new schedule is they no longer can get the Wednesday paper on Tuesday afternoon. Subscribers who live in Letcher County will continue to get their paper in the Wednesday mail, and the papers will be in stores early the same morning.”

Gish said the change in distribution time will not affect the deadlines for classified and display advertising.

“It will permit us to get more latebreaking news into the paper, including Monday night sports scores,” he said.

The January 2 edition of The Eagle will be in the
mail and on newstands on Monday, December 31. The deadline for news and
advertising is noon on December 28.

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