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The fox hunt

Some of the local boys in our neighborhood like to fox hunt. Several of them decided to fence in a large piece of property on an old farm to make a fox lot to run their dogs in. They spent most of the summer getting the fence ready so their foxes couldn’t get out of the lot.

On top of a mountain inside the lot, they built a cabin with a few seats and a fireplace so they could sit and broil meat over the fire while they listened to their dogs chase the fox.

They bought several foxes to stock the lot with, then got ready for a fox hunt.

On a Friday night they took their dogs to the cabin and started them on a fox chase. Then they built a fire and started to broil meat while they listened to the dogs run. All In Fun

The dogs circled the lot and kept coming back, past the cabin each time as they chased the fox. The dogs were soon worn out and as tired as they could be.

They started watching and saw that each time, as the tired fox reached the cabin, he would run under the cabin floor while a rested fox waited out front for the dogs to catch up and start the next circle around the fox lot.

The foxes were changing each time and running the dogs to a frazzle.

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