Whitesburg KY

The Graveyard Hollow ghost

It was interesting two weeks ago, to read about the ghost of a little girl appearing to several people in Graveyard Hollow.

I lived in Graveyard Hollow (I’ll never call it Westwood) from August 1944 to August 1949. We lived in the fourth house on the left, between George Ison and Ray Smith.

We only had small yards to play in, so the graveyards were our playground also. One particular gravesite was intriguing to us.

If you stand at the mouth of the hollow, looking up the hollow, and point your finger 45 degrees to the left, there is a small grave up on the hill. It’s easy to recognize. It is the grave of a little girl from the community of Shagtown, who died very young.

There is a little lamb on top of her tombstone. I ask that someone go to this grave and tell me the birth date of this child.

Every year during the time we lived there, on that little girl’s birthday, her mother would visit her grave. She would light birthday candles on the grave, and sit there on the ground, wailing and crying. We could hear her all over the hollow.

Those candles would burn down, then she would put more on the grave and start wailing and crying all over again. She stayed at her daughter’s grave at least two hours every year. We would hide in the bushes and watch her, and no, I don’t know who she was.

So, here is the solution to the Graveyard Hollow ghost that you are seeing. That little girl’s mother has finally died, and she didn’t go visit her at her grave this year. The girl is appearing in the hollow as a ghost, and is looking for her mother. The next time someone in the hollow sees her and tells her that her mother is dead, you will never see her again.

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