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The guilty dog

All In Fun

My wife and I recently spent a week in the Smoky Mountains. While there, we went to Cades Cove and Gatlinburg and all the shops.

While in Gatlinburg, we went to the craftsmen’s fair in the convention center. In one of the booths, an old craftsman was making black powder rifles, knives, and turkey calls. His turkey calls were made from the wing bone of a turkey.

I wanted one real bad, but they were $50 and I had to think about it before I finally bought it.

I brought it home and practiced with it for a while, then laid it down. My dog got it and chewed it up. I was really mad.

I scolded him and started to get a switch. When I looked back, he was looking directly at my wife and I realized what he was thinking. “As much stuff as he lets her get by with and then gets mad at me over one lousy bone.”

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