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The June bug

All In Fun

I like to do woodworking as a hobby. I like anything that works with wood, sometimes just carving or whittling out small objects as a way to relax. I just recently started to whittle out small birds, reptiles and insects.

We often get together and eat dinner in the loader bucket where I work. I sometimes pick up a small piece of wood or a stick to whittle on to pass the time as we stand around shooting the bull. My buddies usually look it over when I am finished with it to see if it looks real.

One day when I could only find a really small piece of wood, I decided to whittle out a June bug. When I finished with it, I set it up on the corner of the loader bucket so everyone could take a look at it.

Suddenly, a large June bug flew down from one of the trees on the hill above us. He grabbed the little wooden June bug in a close embrace and flew away with it.

We all agreed that the little wooden June bug was probably my woodcarving masterpiece.

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