Whitesburg KY

The leaves sure came down the other night


The late Maney Hatton is pictured at his son, Danny’s, eighth-grade graduation in Marlowe about 1960.

The late Maney Hatton is pictured at his son, Danny’s, eighth-grade graduation in Marlowe about 1960.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

We sure had some stormy weather last night. They said we did, I didn’t hear any of it. I went to bed to sleep, not to storm watch, but my clocks told me the power had gone off and my deck was covered with about three bushels of leaves. Then the news told all about all the damages around, so we must have had a storm, right? I’m glad to have missed it.

I hope none of you had any damage. I heard there were limbs and some trees scattered around. I’m glad we have these mountains here to protect us from the wind.

Dorthy Tacket called to tell me she and her daughter Jeanette went to North Carolina to visit her son Albert Tacket and really enjoyed it. She enjoys spending time with all her family as I do also with mine.

She said her sister Linda Hall is still having pain where she broke her ankle. Linda, you hurry up and get better so you and Dorthy and the rest can get up and go.

My son Larry and wife Linda spent a few days at the camper getting it ready for winter. They always enjoy going there. I’ve been there some myself. It is fun.



I had a nice visitor last week. Betty Asher from Columbus, Ind., came in and stayed a few days with friends and we had a good visit. I’m always glad to see her. Her mother, the late Beulah Hall, was my neighbor for many years and I loved her. Betty reminds me of her.

Rose Ballard, I learned something from your news last week. You mention Betty Ison a lot and last week you said Bessie Shepherd was her sister. I know Bessie, and I also knew her sister Bonnie and her brother Billy, maybe a sister Bonnie. I also remember your mom and dad. I think they were the late Oma and Bill Hamilton. They were relatives of my mom on your mother’s side, Backs I think. It’s been so long. I think her dad was a Back, Floyd maybe? I’m rattling, ain’t I?

My son Billy and I went to Pine Mountain Grill on Wednesday. There weren’t many people there. I said, “Billy, I don’t know anyone here to talk to.” He laughed at me. Then I looked and saw Mahala (Reynolds) Frazier. She lives just up the road from me. So I headed right back there and then two more pretty ladies came to her table, Charlene Collins, daughter of Estelle and Ray Collins, and Vicki (Moore) Receveur, daughter of Viola and Ferdinand Moore. Mahala’s parents, Joe and Irene Reynolds, lived where Mahala lives now. They would have loved all she has done to the place. It is beautiful! Vicki’s mother, Viola Combs Moore, taught school at Marlowe under Orville Hughes. I’m telling my age. I knew all those parents well. The Reynolds family had a furniture store in Whitesburg and everyone loved them.

All these three beautiful girls are retired schoolteachers and are planning a 50-year reunion of the Class of 1964 on July 11- 12, 2014. I didn’t mention Charlene’s father, Ray Collins, was a Regular Baptist preacher, and Vicki’s dad, Ferdinand Moore, was in the funeral home business. I think I have told everything about you since I have known you about all your life. I enjoy talking to you girls so much. If I’ve left out any of your secrets, let me know and I’ll tell them. Concerned people want to know! Ha, ha!

I forgot to say the girls were houseguests of Mahala. I’d say there was no sleeping in that house that night!

We appreciate all the people who came to the funeral of our cousin Bobby Joe Howard. He was born at Blackey, the son of Thelma Smith Howard and John Howard, who was a brother of my dad, the late Bill Howard. We were very close till they moved to Indiana, but we kept in touch. Most of them get The Eagle and kept up with us. We offer our sympathy to all of them. We enjoyed being with all of them, J.P., Jerry, George and Wally and of course “Sissy”, their sister, and their families. We hadn’t seen them in a long time.

My hand is getting tired. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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