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The Linefork community center is badly missed

My hands are so sore I can hardly write. Greetings to all the readers of The Mountain Eagle.


Sunday, Sept. 18, I was watching TV when the news came of an explosion in New York City and other states, and stalking, etc. Everything is getting so scary, it sure makes me nervous.

I just pray they find out who is doing this.

A bunch of people are involving the two candidates in this mess. They are trying to say Donald Trump isn’t a person who would be able to deal with this, but Hillary Clinton would be more dependable — according to Mr. Obama.

Well, I believe Trump is sensible enough to know what to do and see about what is going on. He is a man who has done so many things and helped do much toward having our guns and weapons to protect ourselves and families, and our friends and neighbors.

I have been a Democrat all my life, but I will vote Republican this year. I hope he wins. (Whatever).

It is coming close to when our Savior comes back to get us all anyway, all the signs are showing that.

The lion will lie down by the lamb and peace will come. “Love” is the greatest word in all the world because God is love and He is “Pure Love.” That’s what we need more of.

(Love can build a bridge, between your heart and mine. Oh! Don’t you think it’s time?) by the Judds, mother and daughter.

That should be our “American Theme Song.”

My darling brother, Emory Cornett, is in bad shape in a nursing home in Marion, Ind., and his wife Darlene isn’t well either. Also, their grandson Nick’s wife, Julie, is suffering with cancer.

They need all the prayers that we can give for them. Emory just had one daughter, Tammy Lea, and she needs prayer also. She is torn between all of her family being so sick.

Nick is her son and she has two little sons, and Tammy tries to help him also .

My sister-in-law, Jewell Ann Morgan, is very sick with cancer, also. Pray for her. She is so precious.

She is my husband, Claude’s, sister. She is very weak and has to rest a lot at this time. Her husband Mack, and her only son are so good to help her and her sister-in-law, helps out.

Evadean Elkins is my first cousin in Columbus, Ind., and is fighting cancer also, in her liver, and another cousin, Lawrence Miller’s wife, is also.

She lives up there in Columbus, too. My cousins Juanita, Ernestine and husband are not well either. They all live close to each other.

So many worries and problems in our people’s lives. We are getting old, and that’s what happens.

I pray for Rose Ballard to get well. I like her articles. She loves these old mountains so much.

Marlene Cornett and Wanda Hall are my sweet friends. I miss them since our community center closed last year. We don’t get to visit our friends anymore. That was the worst thing to happen to us on Linefork. We could have worked out something to keep it going.

Hello to Susie in Arizona.

Well, I’ll stop and say I love all and I’ll write again soon. With love to all.

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