Whitesburg KY

The more Christmases the merrier

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

Did everyone have a merry Christmas or more than one? Families are so scattered we have to have more than one to get everyone. That’s OK with me. The more the merrier! I think I had about three and enjoyed them all.

I visited with Earl and Juanita Profitt and also Aggie and Charlie Hatton. They are doing pretty well and they had a good Christmas.

Ben Miller came in to visit his parents, Doris and Charles Miller, and grandparents, Earl and Juanita Profitt. He lives so far away he doesn’t get to come in often. I’m sure they had a great Christmas.

Also, Sheila and Roger Brown of Clintwood came in, and they had another Christmas. I’m sure they all enjoyed it.

We have had so many deaths, Kathryn Peters, Maurice Lewis, Roy Ed Williams, Lennon Hammock, George Fields and all the other ones. Our sympathy goes out to all these families. It’s so hard to lose loved ones at Christmastime or any other time.

Dorthy Tacket called to tell me what a great Christmas they had. She had 32 people there, all her family, her sister Linda Hall and Steve Taylor, he is her son’s good friend, and also Jeanette Adams. She wants to say hello to her brother who gets the Eagle, Hugh Pennington and Billy Ray Pennington and all the rest of her family. All of them get the Eagle. She hopes they all had a merry Christmas. Whitesburg

I hadn’t heard from Dorthy in a while. She said she got two Christmas cards from me. So you better send me two next year. I was probably having a senior moment. I wasn’t sure so I sent another one. We have never missed a Christmas or birthday in many years. She’s a great friend!

Also, Bro. Ernest Brock and wife Kathleen had a late Christmas with all his children, Mike and Barbara Blair and his daughter Mary Lynn and her husband Patten Franks and Ernest Dwayne Brock. They had a great time. All the family are ministers, which is wonderful. I know Bro. Ernest is proud of all of them. They can’t all get together often. That’s how it is with most families, they get scattered around.

I want to say hello to Bertha Page Dye. I’ve not heard from her in a while. I heard you had hip surgery recently. I hope you had a merry Christmas.

My son Rob is in Lexington this weekend with his children and grandchildren and I know he’s enjoying that. He sure loves them and so do I. I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like to.

My sister Joann Brown has a granddaughter in a hospital in Evansville, Ind., who needs everyone’s prayers. She is 13 years old and having a problem with sugar. She has been real sick but is some better. Joann and husband Donald Brown live in Indianapolis, Ind.

It was good seeing Betty Watts at the hospital the other day. Every time I see her I think of what the late Madge Combs said. She said, “If I ever had a little girl, I would want her to be like Betty and Danola Collins.” They weren’t married then. Then Madge had a little girl, Jenny (Combs) Bentley. She sure turned out good like Betty Watts and Danola! Everyone loves Jenny. She was a good mother and took care of her mother.

Another volunteer came in as I was leaving, Pat Bowen. I didn’t get to talk to her much. We sure have some good volunteers here.

Today is Dec. 31. I wish everyone a happy New Year.

Emma Lou Engle, I must have been very good, I had a great Christmas. I hope you and Rose Ballard did too. I know you were good.

We had our New Year’s Eve service at our church on Saturday night and it was great! Bro. Donald Tapio preached for us and as usual it was very good. We have some very good singers and teachers. We had a full house. We appreciate and love our church.

Aggie Hatton came but was so sick she had to be taken to the hospital. She couldn’t breathe and her feet and legs were swollen. They released her and let her come home. I think she is feeling better today.

I talked to my daughterin law Rosemary Hatton. They had a good Christmas and are getting adjusted to their new home in Georgetown.

Today has been a good day. My brother John Howard was baptized today, a good way to start the new year. It was a good service. Of course there was a houseful of Howards present and also lots of other folks.

I met a friend from away back, Vernon Thomas, the son of one of Clyde’s best friends and hunting buddy, the late Marvin Thomas. We visited their home many times and watched the children grow up. It was nice meeting his wife. I think they live in Knott County.

I also saw Dr. Tidal’s nurse Stephanie and her mother, who works at Walmart. It was good seeing them.

I know you are tired reading all this so may God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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