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The most important resolution of all is…

I suppose a body could call this week ‘bull hockey week,’ where all the folks have good intentions, but we seldom see any fruit of their good intentions (New Year’s resolutions).

It is really comical to hear some of the ridiculous resolutions that are made just prior to the end of the current year and just before the start of the new year.

You can hear such things as, “I’m going on a diet right after New Year’s Eve.” “I’m going to quit smoking as soon as this pack or carton is gone.” “I’m going to quit alcohol as soon as I drink in the New Year.” “I’m going to quit carousing around with cheating women/men.” “I’m going to spend more time with my family.” or “I’m going to spruce our home up a little.”

Most of the resolutions you hear are just that — bull hockey, or bull manure, if you will.

But the most important resolution of all is not mentioned very often, and that is to better serve the Lord.

A good time to start is now, whether it is New Year’s Eve or not. Young people with children at home could give those children something that they will remember as they grow up, something to be proud of.

What better way could there be to see the old year out and the new one in, for which people should be thankful for but for which too many are not?

I thank God for every day He gives me, but I never ask for another day because I didn’t deserve the one I just got.

I have been through a lot of medical trauma in the past year and a half, but by His mercy I am still here, and I refuse to complain.

Anytime a person feels as if they are in poor health they need to go visit hospitals and nursing homes. Many people will not do this because they are of the opinion that it couldn’t happen to them, but it certainly could.

It really irks me to be around a chronic complainer who has his or her feet under them, instead out in front of them.

So this New Year, think about it. In fact, do a lot of thinking.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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