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The next six months will go fast

It seems that we just said goodbye and it is already time for another bit of ramblings from my little corner of the world.

I love the warm weather that spring and summer bring. I greet June with a little anticipation, as I know the next six months will be gone in the blink of an eye. June is supposed to be the month of weddings, so I imagine lots are making plans.

My granddaughter Jodi Gray took a trip to Norris Lake in Tennessee, where she was invited to attend two different bachelorette parties on the opposite sides of town. Jodi and the girls stayed at a beautiful cabin by the lake. While driving home from Norris Lake, she took a detour and went to Hocking Hills State Park here in Ohio to check it out. She wanted to see the waterfalls and other attractions.

On Memorial Day weekend my daughter Anna Nottingham and her husband Scott along with Jessica, Katelyn and Kyle, spent the weekend camping in a tepee at Hocking Hills. Anna said everyone should try this type of camping.

Monday was a good day for me, after a few days of being too ill to make the trip to the mountains that I planned to do. Vicki Power and I ventured to Haddix Hall “ Hunters Pizzeria” at Middletown to see Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers perform. As usual the Slippers did a good show. Trina Emig wasn’t available to play the banjo, so Glen Herald substituted.

Southern Ohio

Getting to hear Glen play that five-string was a bonus for me, as several years ago he picked with my ex-husband’s band, the Bluegrass Addition. It is always a good feeling to see musician friends from the past, to the friends I’ve made recently. They all know I can’t play a musical instrument, but the love of music and dancing is my life.

I have really missed going to bluegrass festivals, and been so grateful that I’ve been able to drive to the mountains to attend a few indoor shows with Sunrise Ridge, and Will Caudill & Route 7. I miss seeing 7 South with Libby Day and everyone.

How is everyone’s garden doing? I hope the rain hasn’t washed yours away, as I hear the mountains received some very hard rains recently.

My daughter Kay was visiting me for my birthday on Saturday and was cleaning my porch when she found something I had been looking for quite a while — my short-handled hoe that I kept for the sole purpose of digging in my flowers.

Like the saying goes, every gardener needs a good hoe, especially when you are down on your knees working. A pair of gloves be it rubber or gardening gloves, comes in handy to protect your hands, and a pad for your knees comes in handy also.

As the day progressed I felt a little better. Vicki and I went shopping to spend my birthday money. I bought red geraniums, red petunias, white petunias, a Dusty Miller plant, and red salvia. I used all the plants to fill two tires beside my front steps, my cast iron pot, and my chrome round pot in my back yard. I had enough red petunias to fill it.

I will say it again: Everyone needs a good hoe. I know I sure do.

Once again I faced disappointment as Thursday afternoon I made a decision to head for the mountains I call home, for the annual Seedtime on The Cumberland Festival. I called the Whitesburg Motel to see if there were rooms available, and I made a reservation for Friday and Saturday.

Meanwhile, I had felt a “bump” in the right tire of my car, so I let them do a full inspection. I was told that my axle, also known as a half shaft, was separating. It would be okay to drive it for a while before it needed replaced, but I was advised not to drive it to the mountains. I took the car to another location for a second opinion, but they couldn’t check it until Wednesday, so I called Whitesburg Motel, almost in tears, to cancel my reservation.

I learned later there was nothing wrong with the axle, but I did have a small air leak that needs checked. By that time it was too late to head for the mountains.

Last Thursday evening, Vicki Power and I went to an .event called “Groovin’ On the Green” at Fairfield City Park, which is just a short distance from where I live. Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers performed there as well. It was a wonderful event to attend; the weather was nice, and a huge crowd was in attendance. I love outdoor open-air music.

Mark your calendar for the Kingscreek Bluegrass Festival will be held on July 15 at the Kingscreek Park. I will be at this event. If my health is bad I will carry a bag. If my car is acting up I will rent a car. If Whitesburg Motel is full, I will ask James Asher if I can take a nap in the lobby.

Sunday I had a special visit from my grandson, Joe Ballard, who lives in Morehead.

Oma Hatton, it was good talking to you recently. I really enjoy your column each week. You mention that you don’t do Facebook. Sometimes I feel like shutting my computer down, but then I would miss hearing from my true friends.

I’d much rather talk on the telephone to a live person than to be on Facebook or trying to text anyone. You can’t go anywhere or have a conversation unless someone is checking their cell phone, texting, or looking at Facebook, or so it seems.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold and my 10-year-old sidekick Bennie spent Sunday afternoon at Whitewater Park riding in a paddle boat.

Les and Pat Wagner are getting itchy feet to head back to their little home in the mountains. They may find me standing beside the highway hitch hiking. Les is having trouble keeping the squirrels out of their garden.

Well folks, I better bring this to a close. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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