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The Pig Town

All In Fun

I have always greatly admired the true pioneer spirit of my ancestors before me. In true can-do spirit, it seemed anything they needed and didn’t have, they would just make it themselves. Everything from homemade lye soap to homemade farm tools.

So when Grandpa needed a job, it only seemed natural that he would start his own business. He bought some sow hogs and started to raise pigs for market. When he had fattened the pigs to the right size to eat, he would sell them to the neighbors.

He was charging 20 cents a pound, but he didn’t have a scale to weigh them on. So he decided to build one.

He placed a long pole across the rail fence in front of the barn so that it would balance. Then he built a wooden box on each end of the pole. He would put a pig in one box then pile rocks into the other box until the pole was balanced level across the rail fence. He would then guess how much the rocks in the box weighed, and since the pole was balanced level across the fence, he knew the pig weighed the same.

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