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Mostly sunny

The possum crossing

The Department of Fish and Wildlife just put in a new possum crossing just below where I live. With the economy down, we all welcomed anything that helps bring in tourism and a little extra money.

Saturday night my brothers and I wanted to do something real nice for our women folk. So we took them on down. We built a fire and put a bucket of potatoes on to boil, and waited for the action to start.

The first one to try to cross the road was a large, white possum that everybody around here calls a ‘mountain possum.’ He looked big and tough and I thought he would make it. So, I bet on him. He made it to the centerline, then chickened out and turned back. I lost a quarter on him.

The next one up was a small, gray possum. He was little and scrawny, and kind of nervous, but he started out anyway. He must have made the big possum mad, because he started growling and jumped in front of him.

Things were looking good as he crossed the centerline, and I thought he had it made. Maybe a chance to get my money back. But an old Chevy truck flattened him out. Probably a Saturday night driver. Sometimes they’re not as careful as they should be. I lost another quarter on him.

After that, things slowed down for awhile, so we peeled some boiled potatoes and salted them good, and drank us a good, cold pop, and called it a night.

I lost two bets, but it was worth it to make the girls feel special, to take them out for the night.

So if you’re ever in our neck of the woods, stop by. We will treat you just like family. We will put another potato in the bucket and lay some bets down with you.

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