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Fleming-Neon wins Benham Coal Bowl – 1956”

Fleming defeated Cumberland 26-7 over at Benham before a large crowd.

Cumberland scored the first touchdown on a long run. Their try for an extra point was good. Fleming scored in the second quarter and tied it up 7-7 at the half.

Both teams came back onto the field determined to win. Fleming kicked off and it was returned to the 40. Cumberland tried a pass on the third play and it was intercepted by Swanger.

From there the Pirates scored. The extra was no good and it stood 13-7. Fleming then went wild and scored 3 more touchdowns and one of them was called back. At the end of the game it was 26-7, favoring Fleming.

The boys who played in this game will receive patches to go on their jackets. They will have “First Annual Coal Bowl Winners” on them.

The touchdowns for the Pirates were as follows: Hill, Skaggs, and Sergent one.

Friday, Nov. 9, there was a parade here in Neon concerning the Coal Bowl. Our band led the parade with all the Queen candidates and the Benham Band present. Everyone seemed to have shown up for the parade and the streets were packed all the way through town.

Then Saturday at 9:30, a huge parade originated in Lynch, when the Cumberland Band led the parade with us next in line. These bands were present: Fleming Neon, Cumberland, Benham, Lynch, Harlan, Pennington and Appalachia.

There were several beautiful floats, which the beautiful Queen candidates rode in the huge parade. Our Queen candidate was Joyce Nelson. Chosen Queen was a young lady from Cumberland High School.

At halftime each band did a brief show. The Fleming, Cumberland and Pennington Bands formed a mass band and played “Thundera”, and “Salutation”, while the Cumberland drum majorette and I did a twirling exhibition.

Cumberland gave a dance after the game for all the guest bands. Our band attended, and each and every one had a good time. We wish to extend our best wishes to the Cumberland Band and team and hope we can get together again real soon.

Every band present was just wonderful, everyone was considerate of everyone, the parade, dance, and game were a huge success. Fleming only wishes everyone we played were as good sports as Cumberland Band and team. We regret to see the end of the football season pass even though we have had a wonderful season, but several of us will not be here next year and that is sad.

We look forward to playing in the Coal Bowl again someday, it was a perfect occasion and we wish to thank everyone who made it all possible.

(The above appeared in the Nov. 15, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)

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