Whitesburg KY

The purse

With this little break in the weather, maybe spring isn’t that far off.

When my days off from work came around this time, the weather was pretty nice. With the sun shining and the temperature in the 60s, it didn’t take my wife long to get housebound and want to get outside for a while. We decided to take a trip up the road across Pine Mountain and visit the Little Shepherd Trail on a sightseeing trip. All In Fun

On the trip up the road, the truck started making a noise. When I pulled over to a wide place and checked, one of the tires looked low. My wife had a tire gauge in her purse. It was low, but she also had a tire pump in there, so we were soon on our way.

On top of the trail it was really nice. It seemed like you could see for miles. I had left in a hurry and I had forgot my binoculars, but my wife had an extra pair in her purse.

We spent quite awhile just checking out the sites. We traveled on around the trail to the picnic area by the lake. I started wishing we had brought a picnic basket with us. But my wife had some pop, cold cuts and chips in her purse. We ate pretty good.

We traveled on around the trail as we visited the overlooks and tried to see a bear. We didn’t see a bear, but we did get outside for a while and see some beautiful scenery.

It was getting late and we headed back home. She pulled a good book and her reading glasses out of her purse and just sat back and read and relaxed on our way home. It had been a good day.

After we had gotten home that evening, she realized she had left her purse in the truck when we came inside. As I went back outside to get if for her, I wondered why women think they have to carry a purse everywhere they go. But since I was already outside anyway, I got myself another cold pop and a couple of candy bars out of the purse.

The pup was looking at me, kind of begging, so I got him a couple of doggy treats out of it also.

I sat on the tailgate of the truck with the pup and admired the evening for a while.

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