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The right way to store Thanksgiving leftovers

• Store leftovers in servingsize containers for food safety and cooking ease. Dig into the containers to make sandwiches, turkey and mashed-potato burritos and turkey stir-fry!

• Remove the stuffing from the turkey and refrigerate it separately to be eaten in a couple days (or freeze it to be eaten within one month).

• Turkey should be refrigerated or frozen within two hours after roasting. Remember, bacteria form rapidly in a cooked bird sitting at room temperature. Wrap the turkey as airtight as possible in aluminum foil and refrigerate.

• Turkey dries out fast, so remove the meat from the bones within a day or two and cut into slices or cubes for freezing. Store the meat in zipper bags (with all air forced out before sealing) in one- or two-cup portions for easier thawing and use.

• For the best quality and flavor, freeze for no more than two months. Don’t forget to label and date the bags! Thaw in the refrigerator or microwave – NEVER at room temperature.

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