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The Stuart Robinson Library picture

So many friends have asked me where I put the beautiful Stuart Robinson Library picture I received at our 50th high school reunion last year.

Well, it is hanging in my family room, where everyone can see it. I feel so lucky my name was drawn, and it is such an honor to receive this beautiful picture. I feel like it’s a part of me.

There are so many good memories that I have from Stuart Robinson. I personally feel like anyone who went to school there or at Letcher High School would appreciate the picture and be honored to have it in their home.

The picture is not just beautiful on the outside, it is beautiful on the inside because of all the great memories. As students, we received the knowledge and education to make it in life, we made lifelong friends, shared jokes and laughed together.

We did all this and much, much more. These are the times I remember when I look at this picture.

To me, this is not just a picture of a school building, it’s a treasure book.

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