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The ‘trashing’ of a state treasure

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I’m sitting here at my desk on this cold December evening doing the “brrrrrr” routine because the outside temperature is below freezing and me and Loretta are trying to adjust to a thermostat set at 68.

Back in the summer we thought 78 was smoldering and I “borrowed” those little funeral home fans from the church to waft about my face and shoo away the sweat. Now I’m ready to “borrow” some choir robes to fend off the chill, because the Good Lord and all the rest of us know that we should be cutting down on the heat bill and do whatever else we can to stop global warming.

All I can say is that 10 degrees makes one hell of a difference and I will never understand why. Sixty-eight degrees would have been great back in the summer and I’m betting we’d have rejoiced. Sixty-eight in the winter is like 40 below. Go figure.

So, with that said, I’m betting any amount of money that my old pal Byron Crawford, he of the most wisdom and longstanding common sense at the Courier- Journal in Louisville, could easily have explained this dilemma. But before I could even email Barn (that’s how we pronounce his name out here in God’s Country. Baaa’rn, which is actually two syllables when you get used to it, but one works better).

Speaking of Crawford, Loretta said to me last one day last week, “Ike have you seen this?” And it was almost like a wail. And I said, “What the #$%@@ has happened now?.” I knew we didn’t have any dogs ready to deliver pups or cats ready to deliver kittens, and it’s the wrong time of year for chickens to hatch. We don’t even have a sow, even though in this economy a good litter of pigs might keep us in meat until the recession is over. (The real pigs could get fat real fast off the garbage that gets dumped beside the road by the two-legged oinkers who frequent our road, but that’s another story altogether.)

The real and devastating news is that Byron Crawford announced that last Thursday was his final column for the Courier- Journal. And I’m thinking the end of the world can’t be far off.

I can tell you for sure that the Courier-Journal is soon going to be the downtown rag of Louisville, because I know for sure that his column sold the paper to many hundreds of rural folks across this state and WE are simply going to stop buying the paper. Stop the presses. At least stop one, because Byron was our connection to a paper that deserted us long ago and has now pulled back into its shell to the point that it will have a readership mostly interested in the department store advertisements for discount panties.

And that won’t play well here in the hinterlands. We already get J.C. Penney’s and Kohl’s from half a dozen different outlets and we get Victoria’s Secrets, such as they are, in the mail.

We won’t get Byron Crawford anymore and that is like trashing and ignoring one of our state’s best treasures or locking it in a vault. I’m taking it upon myself to solicit suggestions as to what we might do to bring Barn back.

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