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The two work stoppages at the Pentagon

During the last couple years of the Vietnam War, work at the Pentagon was very hectic in our message control section. My military and civilian personnel were taking a beating with our workload.

When the many messages came into our department, they were sent to our large enclosed glass room for our typists to type them onto a printing plate and then the messages were sent to our printing department for copies to be sent out to all our governmental agencies in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.

One of our airmen typists threw his large electronic typewriter through the glass enclosure. The scattering of glass made a loud noise and a big mess.

I called the Pentagon medical staff, and they wheeled him out of our department. I was later told the airman went a little nuts with all the pressure in our department.

The second downtime came a month later. We had a large trash bin in the hallway outside our main door for unclassified trash. The military that patrolled the hallway found top-secret papers in the trash bin. They checked the cameras in the hall and found one of my airmen throwing top-secret papers in the bin. This did not happen on my shift. The airman never worked in the Pentagon again.

These events had a lot to do with my retirement from the Air Force.

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