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The Voice

The kid heard The Voice.

The kid, a student near Detroit, heard the voice of his teacher, telling him his claimed religious scruples against “accepting gays” were not to be uttered in a classroom.

The kid got pitched out of class. The teacher ate a suspension, without pay. This did not happen in a private, religious school, which is a bit of a miracle, since getting a public school teacher suspended is as easy as stuffing an angry badger into an empty beer bottle.

The kid, though, the kid has heard The Voice.

The Voice is that thundering voice that tells you how you are supposed to think and tells you that if you know what’s good for you, you will not express forbidden opinions.

The Voice sounds like Adolf Hitler in mid-speech. If you write down The Voice’s words, they read just like the employee handbook.

The Voice tells you what’s “right,” what “everybody thinks,” what you have to believe, “for the common good.”

The Voice cheered witch trials, howled in glee when Hitler ranted against the Jews and today chants everything from stupid “diversity” slogans to cross-eyed demands that every cop be recognized as a hero or that blacks do not possess the gene required to overcome adversity.

Here’s how I see it.

If, in 1920, a kid stood up in class and said he believed that blacks and whites were equal and should be allowed to marry, that kid would have been thrown out of class, disciplined and told that such ideas threatened the United States of America, the future of the Anglo-Saxon race and the sanctity of womanhood.

In 2010, a kid stands up in class and says he doesn’t “accept gays,” and he is thrown out of class, disciplined and told that such ideas threaten the United States of America, the ideal of diversity and the sanctity of racial equality.

Some people see progress in that, but I don’t. To me, the voice in 1920 and the voice in 2010 said the same thing. Shut up. Your ideas are not popular and we will punish you for saying what you believe because believing that is wrong.

Ah, you say, but the 1920 voice was wrong. It was bigoted. It was spewing hatred. Telling a kid to shut up because he is being antigay is right, it is pure, it embraces diversity — or at least it embraces the diversity of everyone except the kid with the unpopular opinion. He can go to hell, or at least to the principal’s office.

That’s the thing about The Voice. It wants everyone to think the same thing, but it doesn’t care what everyone thinks. The Voice is as happy telling you to burn witches as it is telling you that modern day “Wicca” has to be given its place in a third-grade class on “religions of the world.”

The Voice likes not mental order, but mental sterility. The Voice has gotten William Faulkner’s books banned from high school libraries and Tupac Shakur’s CDs banned from Wal-Mart. The Voice will jail distributors of birth control in one decade and jail abortion protestors in another.

The extreme right and the extreme left swear they hear diff erent voices, but they don’t. What they hear is the same voice giving them different directions that lead to the same enforced, pleasureless, thoughtless dead end.

The Voice tells you to die for Allah because it is right. The Voice tells you to kill for your brothers in the gang because your homies are all you’ve got in this life.

The Voice is everlastingly, perfectly, bluntly, loudly, punishingly right. It takes over university history departments and political parties and random bunches of people in living rooms.

The Voice told waitresses making crap wages that they should say to black men, “We don’t serve your kind here,” and now it tells people to say, “I disagree with the war, but I support the troops,” a piece of garbage think that could only come from The Voice.

One last thing.

The Voice hates poetry, but it likes slogans.

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