Whitesburg KY

The way we were

Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years

July 25, 1957

The Kentucky Highway Department’s grass-planting project near Jenkins drew praise from Cecil Hensley, soil conservationist for Letcher County. Hensley pointed out that the highway department has applied erosion control measures through the sowing of grass on the shoulders of the recently completed road leading from Jenkins across the mountain into Virginia and on other erosion areas.

Robert Blair, 42, of Southdown, died Wednesday in the Blue Diamond Mine No. 2 at Leatherwood. Coroner Virginia Craft said Blair was jacking a rock in the mine when the jack slipped and the rock fell on him.

Lloyd Hodge of Whitesburg will play fullback on the East All Stars in the annual East-West All-Star football game at Lexington, and Harvey B. Johnson of Fleming-Neon will play tackle.

July 27, 1967

A hillside house on poles is being built on the campus of Hindman Settlement School. The house was designed by Bill Richardson as part of his work as a student at the Yale University School of Art and Architecture. The total cost is estimated to be $3,500, plus or minus a few dollars.

The annual financial statement for the Jenkins Independent School District shows total receipts for the fiscal year 1966-67 of $468,103,07. The balance on hand as of June 30 was $22,100.80.

Fresh green beans are 19 cents a pound at the Whitesburg A&P. Two pints of blueberries costs 79 cents.

July 28, 1977 This issue of The Mountain Eagle could not be found.

July 29, 1987

Two Floyd County coal firms have formed a separate company to buy more than $11 million worth of coal properties from Bethlehem Steel Corp.

Pike-Letcher Coal Partners of Prestonsburg has purchased 445 tracts of property in Letcher and Pike counties from Bethlehem Steel and two of its subsidiaries, Kenacre Land Co. and BethEnergy Inc.

Darryl Boggs, assistant superintendent for finance for the Letcher County School System, said the system has two projects to begin, but until last week it hadn’t received any acceptable bids. Trailers at Letcher School were scheduled to be replaced by a building addition but with the delay in construction, the addition will not be completed by the beginning of school.

State Rep. Paul Mason of Whitesburg, says he is seeking a legislative hearing on large-scale spraying of trees with pesticides in Letcher and other eastern Kentucky counties. Mason said he has had several complaints from Letcher County residents who believe their water supplies have been damaged by sprays applied around power lines.

July 30, 1997

Plans for renovating the Fleming-Neon elementary and high school are being re-evaluated by the Letcher County Board of Education after costs of the current plan were projected to reach nearly $5 million. The estimate includes the cost of new roofing, ceilings, doors, windows, floor coverings, chalkboards and tackboards, as well as new electrical and plumbing work.

Bessie Narramore celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends at the McRoberts Missionary Baptist Church.

Coastal Corp. of Dallas, Tex., the parent company of ANR Coal Corp., which is the parent company of Enterprise Coal Co., has rejected an offer from Eastern Kentucky University for the mineral rights the company owns in Lilley Cornett Woods. EKU, which managed the old-growth forest in Letcher County, had asked a state board for $1 million to pay the coal company for the rights. But the Heritage Land Conservation Fund board came up with a far lower counter-offer of $80,000.

A coal company representative said the $80,000 offer is “substantially less than the market value” for the coal.

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