Whitesburg KY

The way we were

Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years

August 1, 1957

The teacher situation has improved since last year, says C.V. Snapp, superintendent of the Jenkins Schools. At this time last year both McRoberts and Burdine were without needed staff and principals. Now, he says, only Burdine needs a principal.

A public opinion poll conducted by Mountain Eagle reporter Barbara Stambaugh came up with the answer to what Whitesburg needs most – improve traffic problems. Other responses were concerned with economic and recreation problems.

Lloyd Hodge of Whitesburg, and Harry Johnson of Fleming-Neon, have signed to play football at the University of Kentucky.

August 3, 1967

Funeral services were held for Leslie Dale Caudill, 43, who died July 27 as the results of injuries received in a slate fall at the Scotia coal miner near Partridge, where he was employed. Services were also held for 20-year-old Pfc. Jerry Ray Holbrook, who was killed in Vietnam.

Round steak is 79 cents a pound at the Whitesburg A&P. Sirloin steak is 99 cents a pound, and t-bone steak is $1.05 a pound..

Jennifer Castle of Seco has received a music scholarship from Pikeville College. She will enter Pikeville College in the fall and will major in the French horn with an area of concentration in music education.

August 4, 1977 This issue of The Mountain Eagle could not be found.

August 5, 1987

A nationwide search is on for two couples charged with a triple murder and kidnapping in Letcher County. Anthony and Carolyn Smith and Steve and Rebecca Pennington Adams are accused of murdering Mrs. Smith’s parents, Sie and Judy Shepherd of Little Colley, and her brother, Buster Shepherd. They also are charged with kidnapping twoyear old Pamela Smith, who had been adopted by her grandparents.

The conspiracy trial of Somerset attorney Dale Mitchell is continuing this week in federal court in Lexington. Mitchell is accused to taking $226,000 in stolen money across state lines. He allegedly was paid the money to represent convicted murdered Benny Lee Hodge, one of three men charged of robbing Dr. Roscoe J. Acker of Fleming-Neon of $1.9 million and murdering his daughter Tammy.

A New Zealand television crew taping a documentary on America spent last week in Letcher County. The program will focus on the diversity of Americans. The crew interviewed several people around the county including Verlin Sanders, Gary Rakes, Marvin Jarrett, all on WMMT-FM at Appalshop; Jenkins Police Chief Bill Tackett Jr.; Bill Tackett Sr., a retired coal miner; and Frank Campbell, a coal miner from Jenkins.

August 6, 1997

Mining in the Camp Branch and Stinking Creek area of Letcher County has damaged the groundwater in those watersheds according to state mining regulators. The investigation by regulators was prompted by a petition from 95 residents of the Camp Branch area. Golden Oak Mining Company has conducted strip mine and deep mine operations in the area and although the regulators do not say the company caused the water problems, they do say Golden Oak needs to do additional work to bring residents’ water supplies up to pre-mining conditions.

Harold Brooks, 63, of Hardburly, was killed August 1 when his rock truck rolled 315 feet down an embankment. Brooks was hauling and backdumping refuse at Big Elk Creek Coal Co.’s Kelly Fork No. 38 Mine near Blackey when the accident occurred. He is the state’s second mining fatality of the year.

Letcher County lottery players lost nearly $1 million in the Kentucky state lottery during the Fiscal Year 1997. Players bought about $2.1 million in lottery tickets in Letcher County from July 1, 1996 to June 30, 1997. Their winnings, $1.28 million, totaled about twothirds of their spending.

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