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Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years



August 15, 1957

Work on the installation of telephones in the Sandlick, Isom and Blackey areas is about 65 percent completed. There is still some construction work to be completed as well as additional data equipment to be added at the Whitesburg office. The entire project is scheduled to be completed soon after Sept. 1.

A new county treasurer, Herman Hale, and a county livestock inspector, Fritz Maggard of Cowan Creek, were appointed by the fiscal court.

Monthly checks in the amount of $80,424 went to 2,080 aged persons, children and their widowed mothers in Letcher County in December 1956, according to figures released by the Hazard Social Security Office.

August 17, 1967

A hearing was scheduled today in U.S. District Court at Lexington on the petition of two Pike County residents for an injunction prohibiting the enforcement of Kentucky’s sedition law.

The petition was filed by Mr. and Mrs. Alan McSurely, staff workers for the Southern Conference Education Fund, who were arrested Friday night at their home and charged with sedition under a state law which prohibits encouraging “the expediency of physical violence to bring about political revolution.”

A Federal Alcohol Tax Unit agent was injured Wednesday afternoon when he was struck in the head with a hammer as he arrested two men at Shea’s Fork in McRoberts.

Sheriff Maynard Hogg said the agent, Joe Hardy, had been watching a moonshine still in the Shea’s Fork area for about two weeks. He saw two men making moonshine at the still Wednesday afternoon and arrested them as they carried the liquor away. As Hardy turned to put down a jug of moonshine he had seized, one of the men struck him with a hammer.

Three one-room schools have been closed by the county school board. The schools closed are Pine Creek, Blair Branch, and Smoot Creek.

August 18, 1977 This issue of The Mountain Eagle could not be found.

August 19, 1987

Heritage Chair and Sofa in Whitesburg is being bought out, though the factory has not begun production or trained workers. Leo Trimpe, vice president of Heritage, said he has signed a contract to buy the company from owner Jim Hargan for $700,000.

State and federal authorities were continuing their search for two young couples accused in the August 1 triple-murder and kidnapping at Isom. A nationwide search is being conducted for Anthony Smith, 21, his wife Carolyn Shepherd Smith, 22, Steve Adams, 20, and his 17-year-old wife Rebecca Pennington Adams.

The Smiths and Adamses are accused of murdering Carolyn Smith’s parents, Sie and Judy Shepherd, and her brother, Buster Shepherd. The two couples are also accused of abducting the Smiths’ two-year-old daughter Pamela, who had been adopted by the Shepherds.

Twelve-year-old Micah Gallion, son of Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Gallion of Jenkins, won both a gold and a silver medal in the 1987 Summer International Special Olympics held at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Ind. He won a gold medal in the tennis ball throw and was runner-up in the 25-meter walk-race to take the silver medal.

August 20, 1997

U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota will visit Letcher and Perry counties next week to meet and talk with local residents about problems that affect eastern Kentucky. He also plans to get to know many of the relatives he acquired when he married into the Ison family of Kingdom Come. Wellstone will attend a family gathering being put together by Harding Ison of Oscaloosa, an uncle of Wellstone’s wife, Sheila. Mrs. Wellstone and her father, Delmer Ison, are accompanying the senator on his trip to Kentucky.

The City of Whitesburg has submitted an application to take part in Gov. Paul Patton’s Kentucky Appalachian Community Development Initiative Program. The application proposes further development of water and sewer services to the areas of Whitco, Cowan, Solomon, Hammonds Branch, Mayking, Craft’s Colly, and Sandlick. It also proposes development of a 10-year marketing program with the primary goal of marketing the attributes of the city to prospective industrial and business clients.

John High has resigned as Whitesburg High School girls’ basketball coach to become head coach of the girls’ team at Breathitt County High School in Jackson.

After recording nearly 450 wins at WHS between 1978 and 1996, High was fired from his coaching and teaching jobs by local school officials last fall after he was accused of illegally recruiting players by the Kentucky High School Athletics Association. High appealed the firing and won, however all Whitesburg athletics teams remain on probation as a result of the charges.

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